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Athena EMR vs Centricity EMR: Analyzing the Facts

by Era Inventions

Getting a solid EHR comparison free of biased elements is as rare as a hen’s teeth these days. Everyone claims to have shared to-the-point and authentic facts, but the reality is quite different. This becomes even more delicate when it comes to Athena EHR and Centricity EHR. These are the two most popular platforms scoring a massive chunk of the market. Thus, people seek ways to draft compelling articles to lure clients. It turns out to be drastic for medical providers as one wrong choice turns their flourishing business upside down. 

But you are in luck, as you have reached the right platform to get compact EHR details. Today we have compiled a one-on-one Athena EMR vs Centricity EMR guide. Instead of focusing on fancy words and fascinating facts, we have centered our attention on real-time facts. This Athena EMR vs Centricity EMR comparison is about pricing, demo, and reviews. These are the main things you should know about prior to making a decision. One common thing while investing in an EHR platform is to make money, which is possible only with compatible solutions. 

So, stay tuned to learn awe-inspiring real-time facts about the major aspects of these vendors in this Athena EMR vs Centricity EMR comparison. 

Exploring Athena EMR

Athena EMR Demo:

Athena EMR understands the importance of demo and thus has crafted one skillfully. Leaving all other vendors aside, Athena EHR offers providers an opportunity to set up a customized 1:1 meeting. The demo option of Athena EMR is available at the top right corner of the website. Clicking on it, a dialogue box appears by Athena EHR to inquire about the client’s needs. This way, Athena EHR customizes the demo video accordingly to show physicians how it can drive them to success. 

Athena EMR Pricing: 

Athena EMR pricing is next to assess in this Athena EMR vs Centricity EMR comparison. The pricing details of Athena EHR are available on the web but not in the price range. What we mean is that Athena EMR practices a percentage-based pricing module. But the price range is not listed so that one can know the minimum cost the vendor charges. 

The distinctive fact about the pricing structure of Athena EHR is that the vendor offers tailor-made bundles. This way, a provider gets charged for only what he desires and not a penny more. As Athena EMR is based on a percent-based pricing model, even small practices can benefit from its services. All care providers believe investing in Athena EHR is a golden opportunity as it reduces care costs by delivering far more than promised for low pricing. 

Athena EMR Reviews:

Now let’s assess the user feedback of AthenaHealth EHR. Athena EHR aces the reviews section as users approve of its dedicated clinical services. Whether it’s the patient engagement or customer support, Athena EMR reviews depict that all are pretty impressive. In addition, the reviews of Athena EHR show that care professionals usually experience consistent growth by implementing this platform. The hands-free navigation feature of Athena EHR is the crux of its reviews as it is highly beneficial for physicians. 

Aside from all this, there’s one downside of Athena EHR. Its billing services are pretty hard to get the hang of. It slows down the billing process at the start but gets easier with time. 

Exploring Centricity EMR

Centricity EMR Demo:

As far as we know. Centricity EMR doesn’t offer a 1:1 online demo. Centricity EHR features a recorded demo instead. The demo of Centricity EMR may be recorded, but there’s no space for misjudgment in it. It is pretty elaborate, making it easy for practitioners to analyze the services offered. In our opinion, you should set up a demo with Centricity EHR to assess if it’s really your cup of tea or not. 

Centricity EMR Pricing:

Here’s a plot twist in this Athena EMR vs Centricity EMR comparison. Centricity EMR has not shared any details about its pricing structure. The pricing details of Centricity EHR are only available upon request. As mentioned above, AthenaHealth EHR shares details about its cost model. Centricity doesn’t even share that. So don’t fall into the rumors that the pricing range of Centricity EHR starts from just $150. 

We are not one to decide that even if some care professionals say so, there’s no authenticity. Most of the time, the pricing range of EHR vendors changes gradually, and the same is the case with Centricity. Most of the users of Centricity EMR say that the pricing range of this vendor is not heavy on the pockets. But for gaining a to-the-point insight into the pricing details of Centricity EHR, send a quote to the vendor. 

Centricity EMR Reviews:

A pool of satisfactory user reviews surrounds Centricity EMR. Almost all the reviews of Centricity EHR are about its configurability. Its holistic patient imagining service is the talk of the town. Adding to it, many more integrated capabilities of Centricity EHR are highlighted in the reviews. For instance, the reviews illustrate that the diagnostic ECG and pharmaceutical imaging services of Centricity EMR are simply splendid. Also, the vendor monitors patient health from time to time for improved care outcomes. Also, the Centricity EHR helps set realistic treatment plans. 

The downside of Centricity EHR, as outlined in the reviews, is that it comes with a giant learning curve. The system seems hard to operate at the start because of tech-savvy services. 


We put sheer focus on the pricing element in this Athena EMR vs Centricity EMR comparison. It is because, in the end, the cost of investment is what matters. On the side, you should weigh the reviews too to understand what users say about it. The reviews will serve as the best parameter to know the reliability and effectiveness of AthenaHealth EHR and Centricity EMR. As for the demo, the AthenaHealth EMR offers a more intuitive demo facility than Centricity EMR. But you should go with the demo tutorials of both vendors before naming your pick. 

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