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14-in-1 Dual USB C Docking Station Dual Monitor for MacBook Air, Macbook Pro, MacBook Pro Docking Station, Audio jack, 2× HDMI, SD/TF Slots

by Era Inventions

The GIISSMO 14-in-1 USB C docking station is a greyish black colored, elegant docking station with 14 ports with which you can connect multiple devices, and combine them into one extensive system.

This does not require any driver or software. All you have to do is plug your devices in and start playing.

Customer Review:

This docking station for MacBook Pro/Air comes with a great customer review with a rating of 4.1 stars. It works flawlessly when connected to computers, mobile phones, an ethernet USB hub, desktop mic. Moreover, it has so many ports that you can fit all your devices into a single system.

It is perfect for both office as well as personal use. Unlike the other brands that make false claims that their docking stations work without a software, this really works.

Also, its smooth metal exterior makes it very sophisticated and refined.

This GIISSMO docking station is perfect for those who desire a larger working space.

About This Product:

Advance Technology:

With its innovative and advanced technology, it delivers much more reliable performance with greater work opportunities. USB C docking station laptops also support mirror mode or extend mode in which you can connect it to up to 3 monitors to obtain a much greater screen space. Asides from that, the device also aids SST and MST.

However, when connected to the Apple Mac OS system, it supports mirror mode without the triple display.

Fast Data Speed:

It has 4 USB 3.0 ports which allows smooth transfer of data to hard drives, smartphones, and tablets. 2 USB 2.0 to connect it to a mouse,)] or keyboard without any sorts of lags.

It also possesses an SD TF Card reader for Thunderbolt 3 devices to permit access to files from SD/TF card reader. This enables you to view your images and videos.

Audio Jack & Gigabit Ethernet:

The 3.5mm Audio Port with a mic along with an audio-out function provides 100-watt power to be delivered to your USB-c laptops. For the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of your work time, USB C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter yields stable wired ethernet conditions.

Broad Range Of Compatibility:

The dual monitor docking station is compatible with MacBook Pro (13″ & 15″), MacBook pro M1 or M1 max (14″ & 16″), and MacBook Air.

2-Year Warranty:

Along with this MacBook docking station, you will also receive a welcome guide, a double port USB-C to USB-C cable, a 14-in-2 MacBook dock, friendly customer service, and most importantly a 2-Year warranty.


This product entails for only $170.99, which is comparatively cheaper than the other docking devices out there in the market.

The USB-C 14-in-1 docking station has 14 ports where you could plug the devices of your choice.


This product is highly recommended to video editors, photographers, and designers as it gives an excellent viewing quality of your photos and videos. It is designed especially for a larger computer setup, therefore perfect for use in offices as well.

So, order yours now before they get out of stock. Even if you find them out of stock, don’t get heartbroken as they get restocked regularly.

If you’d like to purchase the product, click on the link below. (You can also win coupons from amazon on the prime day)


The MacBook docking station is a small device that sits beside your laptop or computer and increases your working efficiency.


  1. What does this docking station have?
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • ×2 USB 2.0: Connect to keyboard & mouse
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Audio in & out
  • Extend dual monitors
  • USB A Data Port
  • USB C Data Port
  • ×3 USB-A Data Ports
  • PD: 100W
  • SD/microSD card slot


  1. Does it work with an iMac?

No, unfortunately, it doesn’t.

  1. Does this work with the lid closed (clamshell mode)?

Yes, this system does support clamshell mode. Plug the power supply into the PD port so that all your devices can run more productively.

  1. How can I switch from one PC to another?

Simply unplug the USB-C double connector and plug it into your desired PC.

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