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How to Handle a Break-out of Psoriasis

by Era Inventions

Many people fortunate enough not to have to contend with an essentially uncurable skin disease wrongly refer to any kind of red rash or irritation as eczema.

However, for those who live with a diagnosis of psoriasis, the differences between this and other dermatological conditions are vast and many. However, as long as you have been living with psoriasis, the next time you experience a break-out, try and bear the following advice in mind.

What Causes a Flare-Up?


Even though there has never been a conclusively proven cause of psoriasis, the general thinking is that stress, whether conscious or, indeed, subconscious, is the leading culprit,

For example, many people who have never previously experienced any kind of dermatological issue find themselves with psoriasis almost overnight after a sudden bereavement, usually beginning in the scalp.


Psoriasis & Joint Pain


As you are no doubt already aware, there are many different ways in which psoriasis can affect the body and one of the more painful examples is when the bulk of the worst patches are on the joints of the knee and/or the elbows.

Regenexx in Asheville, a leading and trusted alternative to orthopedic surgery, is issued to treat a wide range of medical issues, including joint pain, regardless of the specific individual cause.


Learn Everything You Can


Just as with everything else in life, the more you find out about psoriasis, the more likely you are to learn ways and means of dealing with it, both in a literal and an emotional one.

Learning everything you can about the condition will also help you to develop a defense and even, a prevention, strategy for when the triggers occur that you know may well be the catalyst for another break-out.


Scalp Psoriasis


When a person first shows signs of having developed psoriasis, it usually first manifests as a red, itchy patch on the top of their head, or behind one or both of their ears, with a huge fifty-three percent of Americans diagnosed with psoriasis have scalp psoriasis.

Over-the-counter products for topical treatments for the skin complaint are often effective due to two ingredients: Tar and Salicylic Acid.

Tar, as long as it is derived from pine wood or coal, will help to reduce redness and inflammation, slow the rate of skin cell growth, and also help to reduce the itching sensation. Salicylic acid helps break down the scales, soften plaque psoriasis and remove the scales from the skin’s surface.


Psoriasis & Your Confidence Levels


When your psoriasis decides to make an ill-timed appearance, especially if the scales are on your face or lower arms and are more difficult to conceal, especially in summer, your self-esteem and confidence levels are bound to drop.

To combat this, talk about the condition with trusted friends and family members instead of keeping everything to yourself and practice positive visualization techniques. If your mental health is suffering, you could reach out to a professional for help, rather than feeling like you’re putting on your loved ones.


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