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Benefits of Using Distilled Water in Your Dental Surgery

by Era Inventions

It’s safe to say that a lot of people are nervous about going to the dentist.

So, if you are a dental professional, you need to make sure that your surgery is in tip-top condition. You need to ensure that all of your tools are clean, and, for some dental professionals, you need to consider the role of the water you use in your surgery.

There are many advantages of using distilled water over tap water, and those benefits will be explored in more depth here.

Mineral Free

In the 1990s, there was a fad about mineral water. This was in relation to health and not in the medical field when it came to sterilization techniques.

However, in dental surgery, you don’t want the water to have minerals in it. There are some options that will prevent minerals from getting in the water that you use in your surgery, with one of those options being to use a water distiller. Explore Aquadist water distiller to see how this option cleans all of the minerals out of the water that is put into it, which, when applied to dental tools, can cause them to malfunction via corrosion.

Prevents Bacteria Multiplication

Most water that comes from a tap has living bacteria in it. This can be OK, as when someone drinks the water, their stomach acid will kill the bacteria. However, the last thing you want to breed in your dental water lines is bacteria. There is no acid to kill it, meaning it can quickly multiply. It can also become hard to remove from the water lines, and in some cases, it has even been found that waterborne bacteria that breed in a water line can become resistant to traditional options to remove them. So, keep the water bacteria-free, and ensure it is distilled.

Better for Cleaning

OK, so in the line of dentistry, there will come a time when a patient needs to have a tooth removed. This is normal and part of the process of being a dentist. You will need to rinse the mouth post-dental extraction to remove debris and blood before stitching the site or packing it with gauze. Distilled water is superior to tap water here, as the lack of bacteria and contaminants prevents an infection from occurring. Rinsing the site with pure water can also aid in faster healing, meaning that there will be a better outcome for your patients. Great!

No Bacterial Biofilm

Water that has bacteria in it is not only going to lead to a colony of invisible bacteria breeding in your water line, but biofilm can accumulate on the inside of the water tank and the water line, making the process of using water in your dental surgery highly dangerous and unsanitary. Even rinsing someone’s mouth out with water that has gone through some bacterial biofilm can be dangerous, as it can introduce bacteria to micro-abrasions in the mouth, leading to secondary complications. This biofilm can also cause clogs in the line, which will lead to additional costs for you as a dental practitioner. So, cut all of that out and just use distilled water.



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