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What You Need to Know About Rack Inspections

by Era Inventions

When you run a warehouse or another large storage unit, there will be some aspects of maintaining health and safety that need to be overseen regularly.

Many people assume that this means ensuring that the forklift trucks and the other mechanical parts of the warehouse are working properly. That is important, but there is one part of the warehouse that needs to be looked at but is often overlooked- the racks.

Storage is crucial in a warehouse, and as most racks are made from the lightest materials, there will be a maximum load that they can take.

So, when it comes to inspecting those racks, what do you need to know? Here’s a quick guide.

They Need to Be Checked Regularly

It seems simple to leave racks, even those that are in use, as they are without checking them. However, depending on the regulations that exist in your region or even in your industry, you need to inspect your racks monthly, quarterly, or annually. Rack inspections for safety are a key part of the health and safety of your team, as this will prevent any accidents, injuries, or damage to goods that you are storing. It also allows you to spot potential issues before they escalate, meaning you can fix the rack with less cost to you and your business.

They Need to Comply

If the racking system you have in place does not comply with the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), this can lead to your entire warehouse being temporarily shut down. Racking systems need to comply with the relevant safety standards, and you have to ensure that they are maintained. This will save you a lot of money and stress in the long run, so make sure you get in racking systems that are made from the right materials and are strong enough to handle what is put onto them.

You Need Staff to Check Them

Whether you are working in a warehouse or a factory, you need to have at least one member of staff on hand who will be able to conduct racking inspections. This staff member needs to be familiar with the type of racking system that you have, as well as be able to spot potential hazards.

Their training should also cover being able to understand load capacities and recognizing potential signs of wear and tear.

You Need to Keep Records

So, you have a staff member on hand who can check the racks. Now you need to ensure that they and your company are keeping detailed records of the inspections, as well as the dates and the findings. Also, if they did spot any issues with the racks, how did they prevent accidents or injuries while also adhering to health and safety regulations?

If these records are not kept, it can lead to an array of secondary legal issues. If records are not kept, your company may face closure as well as a fine. So, make sure the records of all inspections are kept somewhere safe – many companies in the construction industry opt for both a soft and a hard copy.

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