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Cheap Du Internet Packages 2024

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Du Internet Packages

DU is a leading provider of internet service in the United Arab Emirates. DU offers a variety of internet packages to meet the needs of families, individuals, and businesses in the country. We’ll explore the DU internet package options and features.

1. Home Internet Packages

DU’s internet packages for homes are designed to meet the needs of households with varying usage and size requirements. These packages offer high-speed access to the internet via fiber optic technology. This ensures reliable performance when performing activities like streaming, gaming, or video conferencing. Customers can select from various speeds and data allowances that suit their needs and budget. DU also bundles its home internet packages with value-added features such as parental controls, free router installation, and enhanced security.

2. Business Internet packages

DU’s tailored business connectivity solutions empower businesses with robust internet infrastructure. DU offers high-speed connections, dedicated customer service, and scalable business solutions that any size of company can use. Businesses can benefit from symmetrical upload/download speeds, priority support, static IP addresses, and service level agreements to ensure connectivity and productivity.

3. Mobile Internet Packages

Du Internet Packages offer the flexibility and convenience that you need. These packages are designed for smartphone, tablet, and mobile hotspot users. They provide generous data allowances and fast speeds and cater to their needs. DU’s mobile packages will keep you connected, whether streaming music or browsing social media while on the go. Customers can choose between a prepaid or a postpaid option depending on usage and preferences.

4. Special Packages

DU offers a variety of packages that are tailored to meet specific needs. There are, for example, packages that cater to gamers and prioritize low latency, high bandwidth, and optimal gaming experience. DU also offers packages that are optimized for streaming enthusiasts. These packages provide unlimited access to streaming platforms without impacting data allowances.


How do I subscribe to a DU Internet package? Subscribing is easy and can be done through the DU Website, Mobile App, or in a DU Store. Customers can also call DU’s customer service line for subscription questions.

Can I upgrade or upgrade my DU internet package? Yes, you can upgrade or upgrade your DU internet packages depending on customers’ changing needs. You can do this online via the DU mobile app or website, or you can contact customer service for assistance.

Do DU’s home internet packages come with installation fees? This depends on the package you choose and if there are any current promotions. These fees are usually disclosed upfront so customers can make informed decisions.

Does DU offer discounts and promotions on its internet packages? DU regularly offers discounts, promotions, and special offers on its internet packages. Customers are encouraged to visit the DU website and contact the customer service department for the latest offers.

DU’s internet packages are designed to meet various requirements, including those for individuals and businesses. They offer reliable connectivity, high speeds, and value-added services to enhance digital experiences. DU is a popular choice in the UAE for internet service because of its flexible options, competitive prices, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

What does Flexi Minutes mean?

You can use your minutes to call UAE mobiles, landlines, and more than 100 destinations worldwide (except for premium rates). To check the list of countries, click here.


2. What is the balance of my account?

Sending the SMS “Bal” (balance) to 1355 will allow you to check your balance.

How do I renew my bundle of services?

  • The subscription is automatically renewed for 30 days.
  • It would be best if you had a sufficient More Time balance.
  • You can recharge your More Time within ten days if you do not have enough.
  • Your bundle will deactivate if you don’t recharge within ten days.

4. When does my bundle expire?

After your bundle expires, any unused benefits are lost.

5. Do you have to pay a fee for switching bundles?

There are no charges for switching bundles. You must use your data or voice allowance to move from one bundle to another. When you switch to another package, you’ll receive the benefits of your new bundle immediately. Benefits from an old bundle are still valid until their expiration date.

6. How do I know when my data is running out?

Dial *135# to check the options for purchasing an extra bundle. The offer is only valid for a limited period.

7. After my monthly benefit expires, what will I be charged?

Standard Voice Charges Pay per second at AED 0.38 (includes 5% VAT).
International Voice Charges Check the list of countries here.
Rates for National SMS AED 0.19/SMS
Rates for International SMS AED 0.63/SMS

8. What Prepaid plan do I need to be on to subscribe to these data bundles?

Tourist Plan and all other prepaid plans are excluded.

9. How do I activate my data bundle?

  1. Dial *135#5#1#
  2. To activate or deactivate data bundles, follow the instructions.
Bundle allowance* Price Point (AED).5% Tax Included Send the SMS code to 1355
Recurrent Bundles (prepaid) Buy Bundles for a One-Time Discount (Pay in Advance)
Get 200MB of Full Storage + 200MB of Social 25 The Data AED 25 The Data AED 25
Get 500MB of Full Storage + 500MB of Social 55 The Data AED 55 The Data AED 55
1 GB Full + 1 GB Social 110 Data AED 110 Data AED 110
Get 5GB of Full Storage + 3GB of Social! 210 Data AED 210 Data AED 210
Get 25GB Full + 15GB Social 525 AED 525 AED 525
16 MB Full + 16 MB Social 21 Data AED 21 Data AED 21
One GB Full plus one GB social 105 Data AED 105 Data AED 105
Get 3GB of Full Storage + 2GB of Social. 157.5 AED 157.5 AED 157.5
Ten GB Full + Five GB Social 315 Data AED 315 Data AED 315

How can I tell if I have activated my data bundle?

A confirmation message will be sent once you have activated your data package.

11. Do I have to use my data package when I’m out of the country?

These data bundles are only available in the UAE.

12. What is the best way to check how much data I have left?

You can check the balance of your data at any time by sending an SMS Balance to 1355.

13. What happens if I do not use my entire data allowance in the time allowed?

Once the validity expires, any leftover data is lost.

14. Can my data bundles be renewed automatically?

If you have activated a recurrent bundle, your bundle will automatically renew every 30 days. If you have activated a one-time data bundle, your bundle will not renew itself.

15. If I purchase another data bundle, will I still be able to use my existing data bundle?

When you upgrade or downgrade a data bundle, the benefits from the previous bundle remain valid until its expiry date. The renewal is done with the new bundle.
When you add a data bundle to a recurring or one-off data bundle, each bundle has its own expiry date. Data bundles with expiry dates closest to the usage are deducted first.

16. How can I charge my phone directly with data?

Yes, you can:

  1. Press the Call key and dial *131*RechargeNumber#
  2. Follow the prompts by dialing *135#
  3. Visit du. Ae/QR to recharge online.
  4. Choose options 1 and 3 from IVR 135, then call it again to recharge the phone.
  5. Charge your account using the Du app. My account.

17. What will happen if the allowance is not received?

Once you have recharged with data, you will receive an SMS confirmation.

18. Can I send or receive SMS if I buy data?

When you choose the data recharge option, all you get is a balance for data.

19. Can I change a data recharge to a regular credit if I did it accidentally?

You can recharge your regular credit card.

20. How does it work if you recharge your data card more than once?

The validity of its individual will determine the validity of each data bundle recharge.

21. How can I share my allowance?

The data allowance cannot be transferred.

22. Does this data automatically renew?

It won’t automatically renew. To top up your data balance, you’ll need to recharge again.

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