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How Cultivating Joy Improves the Health of Your Heart

by Era Inventions

A lot of different factors can affect the health of your heart, and one of those is how much joy you have in your life. The more you laugh, show compassion to yourself and others, and focus on gratitude, the more opportunities your heart and circulatory system have to relax. That’s a good way for them to rest and stay strong and healthy, instead of working too hard to try to keep up with the stress and other demands on your body.

Being Grateful Has Its Perks

Expressing gratitude for what you have can make your heart healthier, according to some researchers. That’s generally because it eases depression and can also help you see the value of the things you have in your life. Even in lives that have a lot of struggle, there are moments of joy and happiness. Those are the moments people should be hanging onto, so they can remember the gifts they’ve been given and share their joy and gratitude with other people. Sharing with others can amplify the joy you already have.

More Joy Could Mean More Years

According to Ian Weisberg, the more joy you have in life the more potential you have to add more years to it. It’s not guaranteed, of course, but it’s a factor worthy of consideration. You don’t need to have a lot of material things to be joyful or fulfilled, either. Most true joy comes from experiences in life and interactions with other people, and a lot of those are completely free.

Laughter Can Give Your Heart an Important Boost

Some studies show a link between laughter and heart health. If you laugh more, you may encourage lower blood pressure and a slower heart rate. That means your heart and blood vessels aren’t working as hard to do their job, and reducing their strain encourages them to last longer. There are other issues at play with heart health, but this is one you can control and see benefits from, often right away.

The Beauty of a Joyous Life

The power of joy, says Dr. Ian Weisberg, isn’t just in whether it will help you live longer. While that’s important, its real power lies in whether you can live better with the time you have. Joy and laughter are important parts of a happy life, and you can have more of them if you look for reasons to be happy or experiences to laugh about. Don’t settle for less, when cultivating joy could translate to a healthier heart.


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