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3 Ways to Save Time in the Morning

by Era Inventions

Modern life is such that your schedule appears to become busier and busier and, therefore, considerably more difficult to handle as the months and years go by.

With a combination of personal commitments and professional responsibilities, it can often feel as if you are only always chasing your tail, rather than successfully completing each day to the best of your ability with ease.

In an effort to counteract this feeling, continue reading to learn of three key life hacks to save time in the morning.


  1. Laser Hair Removal Sessions


A fantastic life hack in terms of your health and beauty routine is to look further into laser hair removal, which provides the following benefits:

  • Always being ready to go to the pool or the beach
  • Smoother and more toned skin
  • Little to no side effects
  • A non-invasive way of more permanently removing hair follicles
  • A reduction in body odor
  • Being able to wear what you like at a moment’s notice

Reno laser hair removal will result in smoother and well-conditioned skin on your legs, arms, and face for weeks at a time and help significantly reduce the time you have to spend shaving or waxing in the morning.


     2. Prepare the Night Before


Initially, if you start to make your lunch, sort your briefcase, and lay out your uniform for the morning afterward, it may feel as if you are wasting an hour or so of your valuable downtime.

However, organizing the essentials before you go to bed will mean you feel considerably more relaxed, in control, and on top of things in the morning. Therefore, you will have more energy when you arrive home from work.

Once you have been following this new practice for some time, you will become faster and more adept at never forgetting anything and may even prepare your lunches for the week and plan out your outfits several days in advance.


      3. Leave Your Phone in Your Bag


Unless you have a legitimate reason to check your e-mails on an average morning while you are brushing your teeth, then as soon as you get out of the bed and silence your alarms, place your phone in your bag and spend some time gathering your thoughts and preparing for the day.

On a wider level, you should also endeavor to eliminate the need to check your phone and scroll through endless mundane social media posts while lying in bed and preparing to sleep.

This action can have a hugely detrimental impact on the quality of your sleep, meaning that the blue light emitting from the screen of both iPhones and tablets affects your eyesight over time and will also guarantee that you get to sleep much later than you would without your phone.

Instead, have a table lamp at the side of the bed and get back into reading, whether that be in the form of nostalgic books you enjoyed every week or else experiment with entirely new genres.



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