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Centricity EMR VS NextGen EMR: A Comprehensive Analysis! 

by Era Inventions

Centricity by GE Healthcare is an electronic medical record (EMR) system intended for use in larger medical facilities. Centricity integrates clinical and financial management and is intended for use on tablets and mobile devices. This allows medical practitioners and practice personnel to carry and update a patient’s medical information while on the go. NextGen Healthcare provides award-winning solutions, devoted support, and professional services to ambulatory practices of all sizes. We match ourselves with your objectives to achieve success, resulting in healthier patients and contented providers. 

NextGen Enterprise EHR provides your practice with customized clinical content, streamlined workflows, and a telehealth-integrated patient experience platform. With NextGen® Mobile, the smartphones of your providers also become extensions of the EHR, saving critical time. In addition to on-premise choices, managed cloud hosting keeps your practice safe and makes upgrades simple.

Keep reading further in order to learn more about the two software’ and how they operate.

Centricity EMR & its Traits:

Centricity EMR, GE Healthcare’s most popular electronic medical record software, is adaptable to both small and large medical facilities. This standalone ambulatory system can be integrated with any revenue cycle management and practice management solution that is currently on the market. Providers have the ability to increase both their administration and their efficiency with this software. It is utilized by a variety of ambulatory clinics in order to improve efficiency in day-to-day operations and boost revenue. Breast health, cardiology, neurology, intensive care unit (ICU), cancer, and electrophysiology are some of the supported disciplines.

Centricity EMR Key Features:


Because of this capability, doctors are able to reduce the amount of time spent giving medications to their patients. As a result of the fact that it can be done over the air, the transmission of information is quick, and patients themselves receive the doctor’s orders immediately. They do not have to go to the doctor’s office to acquire receipts for their prescriptions or to request refills when they use this service.

Quality of Care:

The Centricity Treatment EMR comes bundled with a Quality Care dashboard, which enables users to monitor the standard of medical care that different facilities deliver. Because of this, they are able to evaluate the quality of the care they deliver to their patients by comparing it to the standards established by the industry.


Centricity EMR is a flexible application that can connect with different medical practice interfaces. GE assists with the implementation of these integrations to guarantee that all systems perform smoothly and without affecting the workflow. This gives providers and non-providers an EMR solution that integrates nicely with other systems they already use.

Centricity EMR Pricing:

Centricity has not provided its users with any pricing information, which means that it offers a custom quote. Users can contact the vendor for further details if interested.

Centricity EMR Demo:

A free demo is always a cherry on top and this way users can learn a lot about software.

Centricity EMR Reviews:

It is easy to use, navigate, and search. It is simple to make corrections or delete an unintentional note. Capable of opening many windows to complete tasks quickly. The most important component of electronic records for healthcare is that they flow in a logical order for what has to be done on each patient, so that time is not spent by flipping back and forth between pages.

NextGen EMR & its Characteristics:

NextGen EMR is a cutting-edge electronic health record (EHR) platform designed to help practices of all sizes with billing, e-prescriptions, scheduling, financial management, patient interaction, and other functions. Medical practices can improve efficiency and care coordination by generating insights and financial outcomes. Its NextGen EMR smartphone app simplifies clinical recording and allows doctors to create and share clinical photos. Its online patient portal enables physicians to engage with patients and obtain a comprehensive overview of their health-related data.

NextGen EMR Key Features:

Revenue Increase:

Easier documentation and fewer errors result in higher treatment quality and more patient visits per day, increasing income.

Tracks Patient Experience:

Allow patients to check in online, access their medical history, and monitor their health, giving them greater influence over their care.

Claims Management:

To reduce revenue loss due to refused insurance claims, handle the complete billing process – insurance verification, scrubbing claims for errors, automated billing statements, and more.

NextGen EMR Pricing:

NextGen has not provided any details regarding its pricing either. If any user is interested in finding out further details, one can contact the vendor.

NextGen EMR Demo:

A demonstration is very helpful when it comes to learning about the features of a software. If a user is interested in delineating how a software operates, one can schedule a free demo available on the website.

NextGen EMR Reviews:

Customer service is available around the clock, seven days a week, to offer efficient and prompt solutions to any issues that may arise. Additionally, there are videos and other information available on the internet regarding how to use the product, and it offers an excellent return on investment. It requires a good speed to operate effectively, thus the interface should be improved so that it is easier to select specific tasks. Having to click an excessive number of times in order to access a particular function is one of the factors that contributes to a slower work pace.

Which EHR is the best? 

Centricity has fairly positive reviews which show that that software has been well acclaimed. It has features which are quite beneficial as well. Most NextGen EMR customers agree that the aforementioned features greatly improve the system’s usability. Since this is the case, most reviewers have nothing but praise to offer. However, a small number of consumers have encountered certain problems. Therefore, despite its high marks on review websites, we can’t deny that it has some drawbacks. The bottom line is that one should choose software that is most suitable and convenient. 

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