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Understanding the Background of Digital Marketing Agency Industry

by Era Inventions

It is only natural for any business to want to reach as many people as possible. The ability to spread the word is often considered key to success, even before the time of the Internet. For business owners in today’s digitized age, digital marketing is the key to making their mark in the industry. For example, a company in San Diego would benefit greatly from professionals of a reputable digital marketing agency San Diego.

Without a doubt, a good marketing strategy is crucial, though the digital side of things has long since surpassed print marketing as the best way to get ahead. While the help of various digital marketing agencies can aid companies in every industry, it would still be a good idea to learn all about the background of digital marketing and why it helps companies get ahead.

As old as the Internet

Marketing is such a crucial part of business management that digital marketing was coined almost as soon as the Internet became mainstream. Back then, the idea of a clickable banner was still fresh, and when the first one went live, a company named HotWired for advertising purchased it, and the rest is history. While it can seem amazing that digital marketing is as old as the Internet, many companies saw the writing on the wall back in the 90s. An understanding that they could spread their message even further with the help of the net.

While HotWired might have gotten the ball rolling, it wasn’t long until companies began to follow suit. Back then, banners and ads were just as loud and obnoxious as the typical advertisement one might see from print marketing, though it began to evolve with the times.

The introduction of search engine optimization 

Similar to how digital marketing has existed since the dawn of the Internet, search engine optimization (SEO was coined soon after the development of search engines. After all, those who can attract the search algorithm can get the top spot in the rankings and have their advertisement seen by everyone that types in the necessary keywords. Thus, the Internet has always been seen as the most powerful marketing tool, and digital marketing has only continued to evolve since then.

Due to the Internet’s big potential as an advertising tool, SEO flourished and began evolving along with the times. The reason why some people think SEO is archaic now is the fact that it was there since the beginning. However, it is anything but obsolete thanks to best-practice methods that continue to be relevant.

Why a digital marketing agency is so crucial

For companies that want to spread their message far and wide, a digital marketing agency is practically mandatory. Considering how many people use digital marketing to their advantage, a company can quickly be overshadowed by the competition. The use of marketing tactics such as SEO and various other advertising methods ensures that companies can grow without having to worry about irrelevance. 

While company owners have to work extra hard to stay relevant, it can keep them too busy to grow their businesses effectively. What digital marketing experts provide is a guarantee that there is a foundation for digital marketing. In addition, it allows companies to experiment thanks to marketing agencies easing the burden.


As the products and services of a company are an integral part of its success, without a digital marketing foundation, it’s too challenging for a company to stay afloat. Even companies that don’t have to worry about attracting a national audience will still lose out to a local competitor that employs digital marketing methods. The best part is that digital marketing is streamlined enough to accomplish a proper marketing strategy at standout prices.

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