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UPDF – Cost Effective PDF Annotator of 2023 for Business

by Era Inventions

PDF annotators are strongly needed to highlight important dates, incorporate signatures, and add stamps to the digital agreements. On the internet, multiple tools are available that businesspersons can use to annotate PDFs. Some important points must be considered before selecting a suitable tool, such as it should be cost-effective, feature-rich, and blazing fast.

UPDF is the only PDF annotator which holds all such characteristics. More than one million people trust this intuitive tool because of its reliable results. Moreover, it is easy to use, unlike other complicated tools. Continue reading the article to learn how UPDF is best for business.

Part 1: How UPDF is Best for Business?

This powerful tool lets you add signatures to your legal documents like business agreements or pay slips. You don’t have to hire designers to make your company’s logo because you can use its pencil feature to draw it by yourself. It is also feasible to make custom stamps for your office use by using this remarkable tool.

Other features to annotate PDFs are also available, which you can use to strengthen your collaboration with clients. You can easily highlight the critical points of your project reports. Furthermore, a sticky note or text box can also be used to attach additional instructions to the document.

Part 2: Step-by-Step Instructions to Annotate PDFs

In the following, a comprehensive guide on how to annotate PDFs is provided. Follow the instructions stepwise to successfully add comments, markup lines, and attach stamps or stickers to your documents: 

Step 1: Open UPDF and Import PDF

Right-click on the UPDF icon and select the “Open” option to launch it on your device. Press the “Open File” button present at the main interface of the software and select the PDF you want to annotate. After importing it, tap the “Comment” icon on the left toolbar.

Step 2: Add Shapes in PDFs

To add shapes, access the “Shape” icon and select the desired shape. Multiple other options are also available, like border color, thickness, or opacity, which you can adjust. After making adjustments, move the cursor to the preferred place and right-click on it. You can also increase or decrease the shape’s size by dragging its borders. If you want to draw shapes, go for the “Pencil” icon.

Step 3: Incorporate Stamps and Stickers

Access the “Stamp” icon and click the dropdown menu. To add custom stamps, select the “Custom” section and tap the “Create” button. Create the stamp by using the given templates and then hit the “Create” button. Now place the created stamp anywhere in PDF. To add stickers, press the “Sticker” icon and select the sticker from the list. Now simply add it to your PDF. 

Step 4: Add Comments in PDF

Hit the “Text Box” and select the text style, font, color, and size. Now select the place where you want to add it and write your comment in the box. Similarly, you can add comments using other options like text comments, sticky notes, and callouts. 

Step 5: Mark up PDF Files

Tap the “Underline” icon present at the top navigation bar and select its color. After choosing the color, select the lines you want to mark. You can also use other options such as highlight, squiggly, or strikethrough to mark the paragraphs of your PDF. After making all the changes, press the “Ctrl/Command + S” to save annotations.

Part 3: What Other Features of UPDF Are Helpful for Business? 

UPDF is not only a PDF annotator. It can do more than just annotate PDFs because it also has multiple other remarkable features. You can check these features from the below-given points:

  1. Edit PDFs

If you want to make changes in the document before sending it to the client, then instead of making it from scratch, use the edit feature of this powerful tool. This feature will help you edit text, images, or links of PDFs with a breeze. Moreover, if an employee is promoted, use this tool to edit the job description of the respective employee present in the record booklet.

  1. Organize PDFs

Dealing with organized documents is a much easy task as compared to messy files. You need to keep your documents organized to excel in business because it saves a lot of time-resource. UPDF allows you to manage PDFs by providing a long list of options. You can easily remove unwanted pages, replace unnecessary pages, and add important pages with the help of this fantastic tool.

  1. Crop PDFs

You cannot share all your business information with employees because there are chances that some may deceive you. It is better to crop the documents to remove the confidential information and send it to anyone. Using UPDF, you can easily crop the page and the entire document. Moreover, you can also revert the changes you made while cropping with just a few clicks.

  1. Convert PDFs

Every client demands documents in different file formats, so you should have a tool that fulfills the requirements of each client. UPDF is the best PDF converter that provides multiple options for the file format. You can quickly turn your PDF documents into popular Office formats, images, HTML, XML, RTF, etc. 

Part 4: Is UPDF Better Than Adobe Acrobat for Business?

Businesspersons are always in search of cost-effective tools that can help them resolve PDF-related problems. That is why they prefer UPDF because it is the one-stop solution for PDF-linked issues. To learn in detail why this tool is better than Adobe Acrobat then read the following points:

  • Affordable Tool: Adobe Acrobat is a costly tool compared to UPDF. Moreover, the latter tool offers the best subscription plans, and its one license works on all platforms.
  • User-Friendly Tool: It is complicated to use Adobe Acrobat because of its outdated interface. In contrast, UPDF is the best tool to annotate PDFs because no technical assistance is required to use it. 
  • Feature-Rich Tool: Adobe Acrobat cannot convert PDF to CSV, BMP, or GIF. However, UPDF can do that in a blink. Above all, the former tool has no stickers collection, but the latter has more than 100 stickers.


In general, this article was about how to annotate PDFs and which tool is best to perform it. UPDF is far better than other tools because it saves costs by providing affordable subscription plans. You can use this tool to give feedback to employees by adding sticky notes. It also allows you to highlight the lines of documents which are unclear. So, try UPDF by downloading it from the official website.

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