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TDS Internet Security and Remote Support Package

by Era Inventions

Protect them if you need your device. Wi-Fi wherever you want.

Crooks are constantly exposing new and more dangerous threats online, using Internet-enabled devices, your employees, and customers.TDS’ Business Internet Security, Online Security, and Support Packages help keep users safe from these activities.

TDS helps computers, mobile devices, and Wi-Fi issues do things of the past! 

TDS Internet Security

Protect your business from existing and emerging online threats through TDS Internet Security. Whether you’re in the office or out, it’s easy to manage, and there’s no contract to sign.

TDS Internet Security for Business allows you to:

Prevent dangerous attacks. Protect your devices from malware and ransomware by blocking access to malicious websites and warning users about malicious links.

Manage devices remotely. My Account Management Portal allows administrators to easily secure employee devices, send installation links and reminders, and add new users or devices.

Secure financial transactions. 

Your initial purchase includes full protection for up to 10 computers, mobile phones, or tablets.

Internet security is compatible with devices supported by Android, Windows, and Mac.

You will enjoy:

Free installation. A TDS technician will do an evaluation to determine the best location for your Wi-Fi router. If necessary, a Wi-Fi range extender will be installed for you to increase performance at no extra cost.

A TDS technician will configure five Internet-connected devices during their visit. You can get additional help fixing the problem or setting up the remaining computer, phone or tablet by calling our team of Wi-Fi experts.

Remote device support

Increase productivity by keeping your business’s Internet-connected devices running tip-top. 

Burn across the web with our TDS internet service

You have never experienced high-speed internet before!

It would be true to say that an internet service today is only as good as its download and upload speed. The Internet is increasingly hosting a variety of “heavy” multimedia works that require high-performance Internet connectivity.

Slower internet connections alone are not able to meet the demands of the modern surfing experience. ISPs who continue to deal with slow internet are unable to withstand their competition. 

High-speed TDS Internet services are currently ranked among the top 10 ISPs for providing their customers with unprecedented Internet speeds. To offer in terms of speed and bandwidth, the company is just a few clicks away.

Take advantage of TDS internet service less

And enjoy the burning speed at any time

 As is clear from the title of their plan, the company set up a state-of-the-art fiber optics network to deliver its services to its customers.

TDS packages can be individual or combine settings at a very affordable monthly subscription rate. Most people are looking for a brilliant internet experience that allows them to surf and enjoy on their own terms.  Contact us now to experience the best connection of your dreams.

Get your favorite plan today at the famous competitive TDS internet price!

The end

Contact your TDS sales representative today for more information on Internet Security and Comprehensive Support Services Bundles for Small Businesses.

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