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Stripping and cleaning the land: Find out well before building

by Era Inventions

So we have already found the land of our dreams and we are ready to start with the project. The architects’ plans have already been approved and we dream of the beginning of the work, but this is where an aspect of the project appears that we often overlook and that does not always appear in the budgets: the stripping and cleaning of the land. 

Construction companies usually offer the service of stripping, although you have to check if it was a budgeted one. This step is more than vital since if it is not carried out fully, we can be sure that it will bring us problems in the future. 

In this book of ideas, we want to explain to you what exactly the convertible consists of, the tools that are used, how this service is charged, and finally, why it is so important. 

So, let’s look below several effective tools and methods.

Remove by stump grinding 

Grinder machine is a great tool to remove stumps. Generally, large stumps are very tough to remove from your property. Grinder machine assists in removing large tree stumps quickly.

Remove by forestry mulching

A Forestry Mulching machine is a helpful tool to  grind and clear stumps. It shreds the stumps to remove easily.

Remove brush clearing

Brush clearing method keeps your land prepared to clear the stumps.As a consequence, you make your land cultivable. 

Remove by Land and Lot Clearing

The method Land and Lot Clearing  to remove stumps, debris and large items from the  land.

Stripping and cleaning of the land

We have all seen the earthworks that are carried out in a lot or land, prior to the beginning of the work. Part of these tasks is destined for stripping, which will allow us to have the land in conditions for the construction of bases and foundations. 

What is descapote?

Descapote is nothing other than cleaning the land on which the work will take place of any type of residual vegetation. Roots, trunks, stumps must be removed in this process which is also known as dislodging or the consequences can be dire. Let’s imagine for a moment that some roots were hidden by the earth on the ground. These roots can begin to grow, spread, and wrap around the foundations of our future home, causing costly damage in time and money. 

Machine stripping

Before starting the construction of new houses, one of the most used techniques for displacing is machine stripping, which is done with the help of a dump truck. It is a more expensive option, but also faster and more efficient than the convertible made with hoes, shovels, or rakes. 

Descapote price per m2

The stripping is paid per square meter and, this is important, the footage is calculated based on topographic surveys prior to the start of the work. The cost per square meter includes the stripping service itself with labor and equipment and, a very important aspect that should not be missing: the transportation to dispose of the waste in accordance with the zonal or municipal ordinances. 

Preliminary works

The processes of rudeness and stripping are considered vital aspects of the preliminaries of the work. As we have already explained, a convertible that has not been perfectly executed will almost certainly create problems for us in the medium term. 

Enclosure of work

Prior to the stripping process, a work closure will be carried out, which consists of closing or fencing off the land before starting the construction process of a house or building. It is also called provisional enclosure since it is about structures that will be removed as the work progresses and the construction of perimeter walls begins. 

Ground leveling

After stripping, it will be necessary to level the land, by means of which all the points of a plot are compacted in accordance with the previously approved construction plans, leaving the land ready to start with the bases and foundations. 


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