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What to Do After a Fire in Your Business

by Era Inventions

As a business owner, you realize you will face a variety of challenges and pitfalls along the way. You recognize that you will need to weather these storms as they occur and ensure your business can move forward productively and profitably. One thing you may not be prepared for, however, is physical damage to your business. A fire is something no business owner thinks about happening, but unfortunately, there is no guarantee. So, what are you to do after a fire breaks out in your business?

Let’s take a look at some of the steps you will want to take after your business suffers a fire.

Contact Your Insurance Provider Immediately

This is a step that should happen as soon as the fire has been properly and safely extinguished and all are safe. Contacting your insurance provider will be a necessary step as they will likely want to send an adjuster out promptly so they can survey the damage, take photos and gather information on what has been damaged and/or lost. The sooner you can file your claim, the sooner you can get compensation.

Look for Professional Fire Damage Restoration and Repair Services

Fixing damage after a fire isn’t just a simple project, as you need to be sure it’s done properly. If not properly restored, you risk serious issues down the road. Fire damage tends to include soot, smoke, odor and water, so it’s very extensive. It’s not usually contained to the spot where the fire was either, as it can travel through floors and walls. This is why you want to find a professional fire damage repair service that has plenty of experience and knowledge.

Depending on the company you choose, they may even work directly with your insurance provider in terms of payment. Typically, it’s best to contact these professionals as soon as the fire has been dealt with, as they can assess the damage and write a quote.

Will You Need a Temporary Workspace?

If the fire was extensive and it’s no longer safe to work in your office, then a temporary workspace will be needed. Speak to your insurance provider to see if you may have coverage for a temporary office while your space is being repaired and restored.

Some businesses may be able to shift to a remote workforce temporarily where employees can work from their homes. If this is the case, you’ll need to provide them with the necessary equipment to do their job which may be as simple as a new desktop computer and a printer. Keep in mind there will be downtime, and you will need to be flexible in terms of schedule and productivity while everyone gets situated.

Inventory Will Need to Be Done and Materials Salvaged

Another big job will be to take an inventory so that you know what is salvable and what is garbage. The same goes for equipment, tools, machines and supplies. Anything that can be saved could be moved to a storage unit until it’s safe to bring it back to the workspace.

No one wants to think about a fire breaking out in their workplace but having a plan and being prepared just makes good business sense.

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