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Master Marketing: How to Separate Your Brand from Its Competitors

by Era Inventions

Businesses of every size not only need to provide superb products or services, but they must also convince their target demographic that they’re better than their rivals. To do this, a company must differentiate their brand and convey that it’s worthy of consumers’ time and attention.

The marketing tactics that a business uses will determine if it becomes the competition or struggles to keep up with more popular rivals. Read on for advice on how to separate your brand from its competitors.


Create a Memorable Brand Identity

A company’s brand identity is just as important as the quality of its products and services. The visuals that you use on your packaging, website, social media channels, print media, and online ads will shape the perception of a company.

A strong brand identity embodies a business’s personality and values, sets the tone for the quality of its products or services, and encourages people to buy from the company.

For example, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the psychology of branded packaging before a product hits the shelves. A prime example is the use of bright colors on packaging, as it will stand apart from other items on the shelf, draw the eye, and encourage customers to pick it up when browsing a store.

However, you must ensure that a brand identity is a firm reflection of the company’s values, personality, and desired image. Choose colors, fonts, patterns, and shapes carefully to appeal to a target demographic.


Choose a Niche

Avoid marketing products to the masses, as it’ll be harder to compete with larger, more established rivals. Instead, target a specific niche to differentiate a brand, increase the company’s annual sales, and earn many loyal customers over the years.

Catering to a niche audience could turn a business into an expert in the field. As a result, more customers will head straight to the company when they need its specific products or services.

Take the time to research a niche audience’s wants and needs and make it your mission to provide exactly what they’re looking for from a company. Aim to go above and beyond to satisfy customers’ needs, as it will encourage them to spread the word about the business.



Refine the Customer Service Experience

Strive to provide your target audience with an unbeatable customer service experience as over time, it could separate the brand from its rivals. Attempt to develop deeper relationships with customers to make sure they never think of turning to a competitor.

Every customer should be treated like a VIP and feel valued by the business. To achieve this, a brand must:

  • Pick up the phone ASAP.
  • Reply to emails or social media messages within 24 hours.
  • Attempt to rectify every problem.
  • Apologize for the business’s shortcomings.
  • Send a gift occasionally, such as a discount code on a customer’s birthday or a welcome present.


Also, give customers a voice by sending online surveys and encouraging online reviews. If the brand receives a bad review, send a friendly, professional response apologizing for the issue, and attempt to resolve it as soon as possible.

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