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Clamshell Packaging – A Comprehensive Guide

by Era Inventions

Most consumers are familiar with plastic clamshell packaging. It is easy for stores to display, reduces shoplifting, and offers plenty of space for branding and graphics.

But what if this kind of packaging could also be more eco-friendly? You’ve probably noticed clamshells in the plastic #1 bales that your local recycling center sorts.


Clamshell packaging provides exceptional product visibility, making it an excellent choice for displaying merchandise on store shelves. Its design also allows for branding and customization, allowing businesses to create visually appealing packaging that aligns with brand identity and stands out on retail shelves. Its transparent design also helps consumers feel confident that the products they’re purchasing are in good condition and match expectations.

With growing consumer awareness about environmental issues, companies focus on developing eco-friendly plastic clamshell packaging. Using recycled materials and incorporating innovative packaging features is one way to do this. Another is to offer resealable options so consumers can reuse their packaging. These innovations can help boost market growth and enhance users’ overall experience.

Lastly, manufacturers can develop clamshells with hang holes or customizable options to accommodate specific retailer needs. These modifications can include “feet” on the bottom of the container for stability, j-hooks for display, and other functionalities that make it easy for retailers to store or place items on pegboards and store shelves.

While plastic clamshells are an excellent option for protecting and promoting products, they have drawbacks. High plastic material volumes in clamshell designs increase size and weight, impacting shipping and storage efficiencies. They also require a separate label for branding, which can add up to manufacturing costs and energy usage.


Plastic clamshell packaging provides excellent product visibility and tamper resistance. This is a big selling point for consumers who want to be confident they’re purchasing a quality item.

The durability of a clamshell package also deters theft. Shoplifting incidents drop dramatically when a product is packaged in a clear, sturdily sealed clamshell instead of a box or bag. This type of packaging is often used on smaller, high-value items such as tech gadgets or jewelry.

Another selling point for clamshell packaging is that it can be made from various thermoformed materials, allowing brands to create custom shapes and sizes. This gives them the flexibility to meet retail display requirements, such as molded feet to keep packages stable on the shelf or holes for j-hooks.

The clamshell’s design also reduces production costs. It eliminates the need for a label, which reduces material waste and simplifies the manufacturing process. In addition, it can also help to reduce facility energy usage. This is particularly important for retailers trying to cut costs and improve supply chain efficiency.


In today’s globalized world, products of all kinds travel long distances. This means they must be transported in secure packaging that protects the product from contamination. This is especially important for food, drugs, and other regulated substances. Contamination of these products can lead to loss of revenue and legal problems for businesses. Clamshell plastic packaging offers the protection needed to prevent this from occurring.

Another important consideration for plastic clamshell packaging is the ease of use by customers. Some types of plastic packaging are difficult to open, resulting in customer frustration and waste. Clamshell containers are easy to open and can be resealed, reducing food waste. This is particularly important for foods like fruits and vegetables, which can spoil quickly if not kept fresh.

Clamshell plastic packaging also helps keep foods fresh for extended periods, which can help businesses save money on food waste and disposal costs. This is especially important for restaurants and other businesses that need to buy food in bulk or at higher volume. A longer shelf life for produce can also help reduce food waste, a growing global environmental problem. Food that is not eaten and disposed of produces methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas. By utilizing clamshell plastic packaging for food, businesses can save money on waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.


When shoppers see a food package or a product in clamshell packaging, they know the item is fresh and untainted. This gives them peace of mind and increases their likelihood of buying that item.

The clamshell design is also highly versatile, with many options for customization and branding. This allows manufacturers to create visually appealing, unique packages that stand out on retail shelves. It is also recyclable, reducing the impact on the environment.

Another benefit of clamshell packaging is that it is sturdy, making it easy to transport and store without damaging the contents. It can hold electronics, hardware consumables, and health and beauty items without compromising appearance or integrity.

Clamshells are especially important for food items because they protect and keep the product fresh. For example, suppose fruits and vegetables are left unprotected in the produce section of a supermarket. In that case, they may spoil faster due to gasses emitted by the other fruits and vegetables. Clamshells can hold smaller foods, such as grape tomatoes and baby carrots, making it easier for consumers to inspect them.

Plastic clamshells are a sustainable choice, and the vast majority of them are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is recyclable. However, many areas need recycling options for this type of plastic, so it is essential to check before purchasing any food or other products in these containers. If you do not find a recycling solution for these containers, contact the company and tell them you will only purchase their products again when they switch to a type of packaging that can be recycled in your area.


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