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WFH: 7 things to know before setting up a home office in the bedroom

by Era Inventions

While 2020 has made it mandatory for most of us to work from home, it doesn’t need to be unproductive. If you are short on space, then you can convert your bedroom into an efficient workstation during the day. Here are a few useful tips to know before you start setting up a home office in your very own bedroom –


This is a big one. Always, always have a clear demarcation between your work space and your relaxation space. You don’t want to feel drowsy right in the middle of your work day and end up napping on your bed because that’s where you were working. It is highly advisable to separate the two areas. Don’t work on your bed or mattress.

Set up a desk 

One of the most important ways you can be productive is to set up a desk for yourself in a corner of the bedroom. This will be your no-distraction, productive space where you can comfortably sit and work – whether it is attending Zoom calls or meeting deadlines. Make sure the desk is big enough to accommodate your laptop on it, and small enough to fit compactly in your bedroom and still give you space to move around. Also, take care of the direction of the desk- try to set up a desk facing a wall or a window so that you have more natural light coming in.   

Put up an ergonomic chair

If you want to reduce the risk of injury and take care of your health while working, then invest some money in a good ergonomic chair. Not only is it comfortable, it protects the shoulders and back from aches and strain. Make sure you buy a chair that allows you to keep your legs flat on the ground, gives you ample space to walk around, and is broad enough to support you.

Built-in storage

When you create a workstation in your bedroom, you must maximize space in your bedroom design and opt for built-in storage options wherever possible. Install floating shelves, built-in storage drawers and cabinets to keep your files and paperwork, and keep your computer wires hidden so that it looks neat and uncluttered.

Additional lighting

Good lighting can do wonders to the interior designs of various spaces, including your bedroom and workspace. It’s always a good idea to have additional lighting for your workstation, especially if you are working well into the evening. Get a table lamp or put up a bulb above your work desk. The focused lighting will amp up your productivity and also make your desk look good!

Keep some potted plants

If you want your work space in the bedroom to be a bit less boring, liven it up with some potted plants. This hint of green will make it pleasant and add the aesthetics to your otherwise mundane work space.

Match the bedroom design

When setting up a work corner, make sure it matches with the rest of the bedroom design. No one should compromise on their interior designs just because they are putting up a workspace in their bedroom. Make sure the colours and styles of the desk match with the overall decor and help you elevate the bedroom design.

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