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Caravan Sales: How Could You Make Your Caravan Last Longer?

by Era Inventions

Caravanning is a common hobby among both seniors and younger Australians. Striking the country roads in a caravan brings a feeling of independence and satisfaction, which is lovely to enjoy. We have compiled a list of suggestions for maintaining the quality of your joy and pleasure, since you are aware that a caravan is an investment and you want to keep it in the best condition possible, not only for your protection and safety but also for its resale value. When you recall performing these several easy tasks, your caravan sales battery life will last longer, and it will be free of pests and odours, allowing you to hit the road at any time.

Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Caravan

Consider these suggestions to prolong the lifespan of your caravan sales:

Keep It Protected Or Out Of The Elements

Caravans are not little vehicles, so storing them inside a garage might be difficult if you need more space. Purchasing a cover or a portable carport to park their caravan is among the finest choices they could make. This may prevent branches, trees, and paint-damaging bird poop from dropping over it. It is also a good idea to purchase a caravan insurance policy. These are affordable and will keep the sunlight out of your motorhome windows, preventing damage to the furnishings.

Allow Your Tyres To Rest

It is a good idea to alleviate the pressure on your tyres while keeping your caravan. When your caravan lacks an individual trail arm suspension, you may always jack it up and place wood blocks beneath the wheels. Tyres have an average lifetime of 5 years; the rubber will degrade if kept in the sunlight for an extended time. Selecting a shaded area and covering the caravan and tyres can help keep your tyres in good condition for as long as possible.

Avoid Overcharging The Caravan’s Batteries

When keeping your caravan, switch off any digital readouts, lighting, GPS trackers, and everything else that will deplete your battery. This is particularly true with lithium-ion batteries. You can attach a 240V power supply, utilise portable solar cells, or build a fail-safe cut-off system that is activated whenever the battery reaches a low level to keep it from going flat.

Eliminate Any Food And Clean The Refrigerator

Before storing your caravan aside for the wintertime, ensure you clear out any meals and wash out the refrigerator and tables in your caravan. Failure to do so will bring insects, rodents, and other parasites inside your caravan. You must also keep your washed and dried refrigerator open to prevent moulds or smells from growing.

Remove Any Leftover Water

Any water remaining in your caravan following several weeks or months of storage is stagnant and possibly toxic, so be careful to dispose of it completely. Water from your tanks, toilet cassettes, and flush tanks are all included. Allow them to air out for several hours before replacing the cover to avoid pests or ants from entering the system.

Start Taking Care Of Your Exterior

Remember the exterior of your Perth caravans. You may prolong the life and appearance of your caravan by applying wax to it, lubrication to the corner jacks, and rust-proofer to it, providing you with a much greater sale price. Furthermore, these devices are inexpensive and simple to employ.

Caravan Sales Servicing And Maintenance

  • Make sure your vehicle is maintained on a routine basis.
  • A routine service must be performed every 10,000 miles or yearly – even if the vehicle has not been utilised. This service inspects exterior carriage components such as lights, tyres, bearings, and brakes.
  • Getting major maintenance performed on a routine basis ensures that your whole vehicle is evaluated and any possible issues are discovered early on. A major service must encompass all that an essential service performs and thoroughly inspect all van seals, appliances, and batteries. We recommend doing this every 2-3 years.
  • Address any maintenance concerns as soon as possible, since tiny issues may swiftly evolve into major ones if ignored

What Will You Do When You Have Ruined Your Caravan?

The first thing you must do when you have been involved in a collision is to ensure you are secure. When you can continue, do so; alternatively, when the caravan is not towable, insurance packages such as Caravan Guard’s offer an urgent repair disk, so phone the helpdesk. When your caravan is unable to be driven, call your breakdown service.

Then, as quickly as possible, file a claim using your motorhome or caravan insurance carrier. Take pictures of what needs to be repaired on your caravan. Taking photographs from three feet away may assist the insurance provider and restorer in determining the extent of the damage and providing an accurate price and evaluation.

What Types Of Caravan Damage Are Repairable?

Caravan repairs includes holes, splits, dents, and scuffs. Panel works could also fix a damaged alloy wheel in addition to wheel box damages, such as any floor, electrical, or plumbing damage when you’ve suffered a tyre rupture.


Implementing several easy guidelines and having your caravan awning serviced by an expert can keep your cover looking excellent and prolong its life. This will save you cash in the long run and increase the residual value of your caravan sales. Several firms provide caravan awning maintenance and repairs, as well as supply caravan awning guards and cleansers to assist you in prolonging the lifespan of your awning.

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