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Top 10 Cruises In Goa For An Unbelievable Experience

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You will recall lifetime by cruising in Goa. Different cruise experiences are available according to your budget and wishes. In Goa, there are many cruising spots like Chapora, Miramar, Hawaii, and a number of other areas. For an unforgettable experience, cruise shoppers can enjoy in Goa, such as dinner, brunch, sunset, boating on Grand Island, Goa Bollywood, etc. When you go cruising with your friends you can see adorable dolphins, birds, forts, and stunning views. Goa Tour Packages is so lively and excited that every day you spend your holiday is less enjoyable.

Goa cruises for the experience of a lifetime

1. Sunset River Cruise

Imagine the hugely sun-filled view of the coastline of Goa during your two-hour cruise. If you are riding with your partner, it will be much more beautiful than your imagination. After a day of sightseeing, Taking Sunset Cruise would be extremely restful. Especially for couples, the enchanting darkness on the Arabian Sea is more romantic. The vibrant Panjim City, the Palace of Adil Shah, Fort Aguadas, Mariott Hotel, the Ferry Point, the Floating Casinos, and the fort of Reis Magos will be on your cruise. It begins in various places at 4:30 pm.

2. Goa Bollywood Tour

It is one of Goa’s best boats, which starts at 11:15 am in Panjim from Ports Captain Jetty. It takes you to the Mandovi River and leaves once a day. It’s a one-hour drive, where you’ll see some of the places featured in films from Bollywood. The live music is also on-board and will keep you entertained until your itinerary is over.

3. Party Boat Cruise

Goa is about party and fun, and if you like the party, you should go for an unbelievable party cruise. It is one of the best cruises in Goa which is ideal to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, workplaces, and wedding receptions. Do not think too much and go for it if you want exotic nightlife in Goa. Here, authentic foods and various entertainment choices are served at a very affordable price. It is also a boat ride for 1 hour which can be enjoyed any time of the year.

4. Grand Island Boat Trip

If you schedule it correctly, boat tours in Goa are economical. If you have selected the best boating packages, snorkeling, kayaking, spotting dolphins, and delicious lunch on the boat are all included. This Grand Island boat trip takes one day to experience various water activities. The boat seats can be adjusted according to the group size. Drinks and fruit are served to you onboard, which you and your family can enjoy.

5. Crocodile and BirdWatch Boat Cruise

This cruise in Goa, as the name implies, allows you to see crocodiles with the view of the backwaters. A number of birds, such as kingfisher, pariah kites, dogs or stork-beaten kings, brahmins kites, and many more, will also be seen. For you and your mates, it will be a sort of special experience, with beautiful views of waters with many birds. The journey takes about 2 hours 30 minutes and it takes between November and May for the best operating time.

6. Dolphin Safari

You can see Dolphins on the Dolphin Safari with a beautiful view of the countryside out of water. You can take your trip to Goa on a perfect cruise. These dolphins will keep the eye on you for a few minutes, superbly adorable and exciting. This tour also includes a thrilling boat ride that is also great for kids. Take comfortable clothes with you and water shoes to prevent discomfort as you explore the Dolphin Safari water world.

7. Goa Gala Dinner Luxury Cruise.

This is one of Goa’s finest and best romantic cruises, as you can have your better half with the scrumptious meal. This cruise travels through many lovely spots in the town that you can enjoy together. A number of yachts are offered for luxury cruising, such as Ciao Bell, a Sea Ray 290, and Majesty 44 with love. Here you can choose vegetarian and non-vegetarian dinner options. It takes at least 2 hours to finish the trip.

8. Champagne Breakfast Cruise in Goa

You will have a wonderful morning on this cruise in Goa with a lavish breakfast and champagne. You can also admire the wonderful sights of the nearby Arab Sea and enjoy a stylish, family-run breakfast. Many yachts, such as Majesty 44, Fair Line Diamond, Sea Ray 290, etc., give this wonderful tour. Enjoy live music, this cruise room is luxurious with free toiletries.

9. Houseboat Cruise

Houseboat Cruise in Goa will provide you with an exceptional and unforgettable experience during your holidays on this holiday destination. It is embarking from the fort of Chapora and provides amazing views of temples, old towns, farms, and amazing landscapes. You can have a drink with your partner on this beautiful tour. You will enjoy ironical swimming, fishing in the Goan Backwaters, and watching birds on your houseboat cruise trip. If you take the upper deck of the cruise, you can also enjoy Goan’s cooking.

10. Full  Moon Cruise/Special Cruise in Goa

This Cruise is a beautiful experience, particularly for romantic couples. It begins at 8:30 p.m. and lasts for 2 hours. Couples enjoy this full moon cruise, under the flowing river’s soft and romantic moonlight. It provides a magnificent view of the gleaming waters’ natural beauty. You need to ride your buddy on a Full Moon Cruise to spend a wonderful time together.

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