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5 Benefits of Installing Roll-Up Solar Shades in Your Office Space

by Era Inventions
5 Benefits of Installing Roll-Up Solar Shades

Solar shades are simple, sophisticated window coverings with functionality and a clean appearance. They reduce glare on computer screens and allow natural light into rooms.

Solar shades are also energy efficient, decreasing the electricity needed to cool and heat a room. This makes them an excellent choice for businesses that want to save money in the long run.

Increased Appearance

Depending on the fabric you choose, solar shades can darken or brighten a room, cool or heat it, offer daytime privacy, and create an atmosphere. They are also easy to clean – all it takes is a quick vacuum or wipe down with a damp sponge.

A comfortable environment is essential to employee and patron satisfaction regardless of your business type. Installing roll up solar shades in your space can prevent visual discomfort from sunlight shining on computer screens or directly into patrons’ eyes – and it can also help to regulate the temperature for lower energy costs over time. Additionally, many automated shades have no visible rear cords, making them ideal for spaces with children or pets (daycares, schools, veterinary offices, and more). They are also compatible with home automation systems and smart devices for control from anywhere.

Increased Comfort

Rather than cranking up the thermostat and paying high energy bills, solar shades can help you reduce the heat and sunlight entering your space. This helps to keep your office cool and comfortable without breaking the bank.

This window treatment option also mitigates UV rays, protecting your furniture and interior decor from fading and damage. This makes it an excellent choice for family rooms, studies, and sunrooms.

This window shade style is available in various fabrics, colors, and operating systems, making finding the perfect option for your commercial space easy. You can install them inside or outside your window frame and select a design that fits your aesthetic preferences. This allows you to create a beautiful, sleek look.

Reduced Energy Costs

By blocking cold air from entering during the winter and minimizing heat intake in the summer, solar blinds like Hunter Douglas shades contribute to lower energy bills. In addition, they shield furniture from UV aging and reduce glare on computer screens.

The amount of heat and light a shade lets into your room depends on the fabric it is constructed of. You can customize your shade by selecting a valance option to minimize the sunlight entering your space.

Lastly, you may select an intelligent window treatment that works with your thermostat to adjust your shades automatically according to the temperature outside and the time of day. Even more money can be saved by using these automated processes.

Increased Productivity

Nothing is more distracting and detrimental to productivity than working in a sun-drenched office. Sun glare reduces visibility on computer screens and causes eye strain and headaches.

Solar shades help to mitigate this problem by reducing glare and providing visual comfort. Additionally, they protect furniture and flooring from fading caused by UV rays.

The solar shades fabric also provides various light control options that can darken or brighten a room, provide daytime privacy, and more. They are available in various colors and opacity levels to meet individual needs. They can even be motorized for greater functionality and convenience. This can also help increase energy efficiency, eliminating the need for manual operation. For maximum energy efficiency, they can also be connected to a smart home system or automation hub to be controlled from a device like a smartphone or tablet.

Increased Security

During the day, solar shades can reduce sunlight entering your home or business and protect skin, furnishings, and carpets from harmful UV rays. At night, they provide privacy from prying eyes while maintaining a view of the outdoors.

Choosing a shade with a low openness factor (0% – 14%) will help reduce the amount of light entering your space while blocking harmful UV rays. For added security, consider pairing your solar shades with side channels or tracks along the sides of your window frame.

Adding window treatments that look good and work well is easier than ever with today’s wide selection of options. Roller and solar shades come in many fabrics, styles, operating systems, and colors so that you can find the perfect fit for your business.


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