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Territory Mapping Software – A Game-Changer for Market Analysis and Segmentation

by Era Inventions

Territory mapping software helps sales managers build and realign territories. It enables you to balance and optimize domains based on various data, including customer location, business data, and demographics.

This territory management solution is also a powerful tool for analyzing team performance. This allows you to understand where your team members are thriving and where attention may need to be shifted.

Visualize Key Sales Data

Having the right tools at your disposal can be instrumental in creating sales territories that align with business goals. Using territory mapping software empowers you to collect, organize, and analyze customer data to identify clusters of customers and areas with growth potential. From there, you can create and distribute balanced sales territories for efficiency and opportunity.

Unlike traditional spreadsheets, territory mapping software can make data easily digestible by displaying it on maps and charts. This can help your team understand key metrics like revenue heat maps and know where their focus should be in the future.

Another benefit of territory mapping software is that it can automatically map routes for your reps, allowing them to save time and gas money. For example, software like eSpatial is an automatic territory management solution that lets you upload a list of customers and turns them into an interactive map with color-coded pins. The app also optimizes routes, letting reps get the fastest way to their destinations. It also allows you to record customer check-ins and has a handy lasso feature for mass updating locations. They allow you to visualize prospects on a map and filter by pipeline stage. Some even have GPS tracking so your team can see where they are on the field and not waste valuable windshield time driving to unqualified leads.

Boost Sales Performance

The best territory mapping tools give sales managers and teams the power to define balanced territories based on sales potential, customer demographics, or both. This enables you to optimize sales territory boundaries for performance and productivity.

Territory mapping software is designed to make designing and optimizing sales territories quick and easy. It combines data visualization with geolocation to provide insights into your market, customers, and competitors. This information helps you design better territory boundaries that boost sales productivity, improve sales efficiency, and reduce sales costs.

With the help of territory mapping, you can quickly identify underserved areas of potential, making it easier to expand your sales footprint without adding more reps. It is also possible to use data-driven criteria to select the best candidates for new positions, ensuring you have the right people in place to reach your revenue goals.

A good territory mapping tool allows you to create territories based on ZIP codes, Counties, or even polygon searches. You can then overlay these with customer and competitor data, import Census demographics, and build hierarchical territories with regions and divisions that reflect your sales structure. Once the map is complete, you can share it with your field team so they can see their territory boundaries. Then, they can use built-in direction tools to plan their routes more efficiently and meet with all the prospects scheduled for a day.

Optimize Your Territory

It’s no secret that a good sales territory map can mean the difference between success and failure. But territory mapping software goes beyond simply drawing lines on a map—it provides a complete overview of business data, including demographic information that can impact performance.

For example, if one territory consistently struggles to generate sales while another performs well, it might be due to lower household income in the second area. Territory mapping tools help you consider these factors during planning to ensure each rep has a fair share of potential opportunities.

Territory mapping software lets you easily optimize your territory based on business goals and customer demand. Balance territories based on various inputs such as revenue opportunity, administrative and travel time, salespeople’s selling history, forecasted lead to close times, and more to create a highly effective territory plan that will help drive growth.

Lastly, territory mapping tools can help you create routes that minimize the mileage and time your field team spends. This can significantly reduce the overhead needed to manage supply and service deliveries and increase productivity.

It’s no longer enough to simply put a sales rep in a particular region and hope for the best. If you want your teams to thrive, they need clear and well-defined territories based on sound business practices and customer needs.

Increase Team Efficiency

Territory mapping software provides an easy way for sales managers to design, optimize, and share territories. The result is an improved view of the market, customers, and competitors and increased efficiency and productivity.

Using physical maps or essential software to define territories is often time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to understand. This can lead to overlapping domains and uneven distribution of accounts and prospects. Additionally, sales leaders and ops can quickly become frustrated with needing more visibility into their performance. This can cause attrition and a loss of revenue.

Mapping your territories is critical in ensuring each rep can meet with as many promising leads as possible. However, if the part is more minor, salespeople can manage their time and resources. Sales territory mapping software can balance territories based on customer and prospect density and drive times.

Software like eSpatial’s territory mapping and optimization capabilities allow you to make adjustments on the fly, even while your team is in the field. This can be helpful if you notice that one of your teams has more high-value opportunities than another. This may be due to the demographics of your target audience or the location of your most profitable stores.


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