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What is the difference between basic AMC, Advanced AMC and comprehensive AMC?

by Era Inventions

An annual maintenance contract is an agreement between a maintenance service provider company and a person or a company desiring to receive the service. The contract sets out the terms and conditions and requirements between the service provider and the service seeker for annually maintaining the machinery or equipment. The contracts define in black and white the expectations of both sides. The benefits of annual maintenance contracts include long-term planning, improved productivity and peace of mind.   

An annual maintenance contract is a prodigious way to cover basic service on products it covers regular check-ups and cleaning of machinery parts so as ensure their smooth functioning it saves you from paying the service charges every time the service engineer visits to check your machine or equipment. A non-comprehensive agreement will only cover the services themselves—any other expenses that might come up during the process have to be borne by you. While a comprehensive service contract (CMC) covers everything including spare parts, labour, or transportation costs that come up for your machine or equipment during the servicing period of your products. Given this extensiveness of coverage, comprehensive contracts often cost more than an AMC.  

Advance annual maintenance contracts are an advanced version of simple AMC where the maintenance service provider company charges some extra money from their clients and offers them some extra benefits, such as 1 or 2 extra free services or replacing free of cost some specified spare parts or exempting labour costs for big repairs.  

Benefits of AMC.  

Time-based: Annual maintenance contracts come with a lot of benefits attached to them. After entering into a contract, the maintenance service provider company is bound to conduct time-bound periodical checkups so you never miss the timely inspection of your machine. 

You get standardized quality maintenance work during the maintenance contract period and do not have to worry about the work quality as the service provider adheres to the terms agreed upon.

With AMC you become satisfied that you always have emergency help to fall upon when you need it. Moreover, your worries end with how to get things repaired or find an engineer to get your machine repaired at times of need or emergency. and you will never have to worry about how to repair something or call the repairman or where to go to find him. 

AMC adds efficiency and timelines to your maintenance work, meaning thereby all your maintenance and repair works are done in a timely manner thus maintaining your machine in proper functioning to give you the best services. both you and the service provider are benefitted from having regular and timely service check-ups. As well-maintained things show lesser breakdowns and better services.

For some customers, a CMC will be the best bet. CMCs require a bit more involvement and cost outright to service providers, so ensure that you consider that when writing the contract. AMCs and CMCs will help give your business longevity and secure ongoing work for your team.

Opting for AMC or CMC all depends on your needs and of services required. If you are using your machine or equipment for running a business then it is prudent to go for a CMC.  Nowadays most of the products come with a long tenure warranty, and if you have purchased the machine for domestic use then AMC is a better option for you. 

LG, Whirlpool, Voltas and many more offer AMC to their clients. They offer both general AMC and CMC. You can purchase AMC or CMC as per your needs for the product of these companies either directly from the company or from private vendors. Every company offer AMC their own terms and conditions. 

Whirlpool offers AMC in two variants Eco. and Comprehensive. The company is offering lucrative AMC even after the expiry of the warranty period to relieve you from uncertainty and inconvenience and saves you from the burdens of very high repairing cost. The company’s comprehensive AMC covers all major operational parts of your AC or fridge (no matter how costly they are) including labour and transportation costs of repair or replacement at a payment of very nominal cost. You can purchase the company’s AMC either directly from them or through their authorized maintenance service provider company.  

Voltas’s annual maintenance contract covers services and visits of service engineers of the company twice a year for 5 years. Regular cleaning and adjusting of various parts of your air conditioner will ensure that it operates at top efficiency and lets you enjoy the hassle-free services of your product.

You can buy Voltas AMC online through Tata cliQ to reap various other exclusive benefits of AMC services of the company available for the customers buying AMC through Tata cliQ such as unlimited cashless repairs during the plan period, service from the company’s trained engineer etc.      

LG company offers basic and premium types of AMC packages to its clients. The basic package includes inspection, cleaning and replacement, while the premium segment has an addon of BECON cloud service besides inspection, cleaning and replacement services. Through the BECON cloud system, the company keeps a 24×7 vigil on your machine catches any malfunction in your machine as and when it arises and attends to the malfunction on a real-time basis. Catching the problem early prevents further damage to the unit.  

Regular maintenance benefits you in terms of improved cooling from your ACs and refrigerators, lower electricity bills, the increased life span of your gadgets and fewer chances your ACs or fridge give you any kind of trouble. Moreover, if you buy an AMC pack from these companies you get high-quality repair and maintenance services from a well-trained service engineers’ company, an extra warranty on your product, and a warranty on service. 

If you find difficulty in buying AMC for your product you can visit OneDios App for the best deals. It is a one-go platform providing services related to warranty, AMC etc for various products of different brands.   

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