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Maintenance on industrial floors: why and when to do it

by Era Inventions

One of the best investments for your production plant is the installation of industrial floors. In addition to being strong and durable, industrial floors provide the security that your workplace requires.

What is the importance of maintaining the floors of your company?

Like all the facilities of your company, industrial floors require maintenance. Many times you think that the wear and tear of industrial floors is common due to the weight of machinery, forklifts and all the hustle and bustle that there is usually. However, maintaining it properly at the right time will significantly reduce wear and tear and extend its useful life.

But it is not only necessary to maintain industrial floors to extend their useful life. It is extremely important for safety and hygiene within your company.

When should an industrial floor be maintained?

Ideally, floor maintenance of industrial floors should be carried out in a preventive manner. However, many times in the absence of this maintenance, the floor requires corrective maintenance, which is always more expensive and often involves paralyzing the activities of the company.

Preventive maintenance for industrial floors

All industrial floors must have a preventive maintenance program, which allows their durability in optimal conditions and without having to paralyze the activities of the company.

If you are in the maintenance area of ​​your company, you must know and diagnose in time any anomaly that may arise in the infrastructure.

Some of these actions that will prevent accidents and structural damage can be:

  • Collect surface dust on a daily basis
  • Mop weekly with appropriate cleaners for the type of floor
  • Every month the polisher will be used to maintain the shine off the floor

An expert team must evaluate the floor every 6 months for a preventive diagnosis.

With preventive maintenance, you avoid that, due to wear, the floors show scratches, cracks, marks and loss of shine. In addition to maintaining the work areas with the best hygiene and cleanliness conditions.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance to industrial floors repairs breakdowns and damages that may arise. This maintenance must be carried out by experts in the area, who can guarantee a correct repair in the shortest possible time.

You cannot wait for an accident to occur from a deteriorated or cracked floor to perform corrective maintenance.


It is undeniable that proper maintenance of industrial floors provides the safety, durability and hygiene that is required to keep all the activities of a company or organization up to date.

Safety and accident prevention is a key point in your company. Having expert professionals in industrial floors for maintenance guarantees a considerable reduction of risks within the different work areas.

You have to be clear that a preventive maintenance service takes time, but it does not compare with the time and costs of a restoration of your floors.

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