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How to Establish Compelling Brand Awareness for Your Product

by Era Inventions

Your product may be the best on the market, but you need to make sure that your target audience sees it. This post will provide a few ways to establish compelling brand awareness for your product through content marketing and social media. With so many options available, a good place to start is your customer’s home. That is their inbox where they’re most likely to find messages from companies like yours. Choose one of these three content marketing approaches: blogging, email marketing, or social media engagement, and develop a strategy. Socialwick will help you increase social media engagement. It suits your target audience’s needs such as the duration of blog postings or frequency of emails based on research about each individual’s preferences.

If you are relatively new in the industry, you know how important it is to establish brand awareness for your product.

In fact, brand awareness is probably the most important thing to make your company thrive.

Have you ever wondered how some companies just pop up out of nowhere and go on to become massive?

From Apple to Facebook, gigantic firms are mostly riding on the success of their brand awareness.

Some of them used social media marketing to increase their brand awareness, while some owe their success to content marketing, and so on and so forth.

According to a survey report, 83% of all marketers use social media to boost sales and brand identity.

And don’t forget, that’s just social media.

To truly tap into the avenue of brand awareness and garner permanent loyal customer base, you have to use every relevant platform that is used by your target audience.

Have a look at these strategies that will help you establish compelling brand awareness for your product.

1. Make Your Presence Known On Social Media

The first step to establishing brand awareness for your product is by crafting a compelling voice and message on social media.

Your main motto is to create a loyal customer base that will propel your startup into a popular brand. The best way to do that is by understanding your target customers and align your social media branding with them.

Have a look at the following social media strategies to establish brand awareness for your product.

Wit, Conversation & Humour

You would need a perfect blend of these three to connect with the audience to increase your brand awareness.

People don’t open up their social media accounts to see bland and generic photos and posts. They are looking for something friendly, witty and humorous that they can relate to.

Have a look at some of the tweets by Burger King. They have done an exceptional job of creating brand awareness by tweeting cheeky, witty and humorous things.

Their tweets are light-hearted and not at all promotional, thus their audience even shares their tweets in large numbers.

Target specific audience

Brand awareness strategy is all about your audience. It’s your target audience who will help you to make your brand a household name. Thus it is extremely imperative to target your posts to suit the needs of specific fans.

You might have noticed how so many websites base their content, even the logo to suit a particular region.

Take, for example, the Google India homepage on 18th November 2018 was this:

On the other hand, have a look at different Google doodles on the same day.

Apply this technique for your social media marketing branding as well.

2. Promote Your Brand Using Great Content

The best way to promote your business and establish brand awareness for your product is by creating and promoting your content.

From writing blog posts to infographics and from live videos to guest posting, there are so many ways that can help you create a brand awareness for your product.

Blogging not only leads to creating a brand awareness but also help you come across as a thought leader. Furthermore, it leads to a humongous lead generation which again leads to more popularity and brand awareness.

In fact, according to a stat, blogging consistently has led to B2B marketers generating 67% more leads than marketers who do not.

While leveraging the content of all forms to establish brand awareness for your product, always remember that your content should be mobile friendly as well as desktop friendly.

This chart by Ooyala shows perfectly how imperative mobile video is and how dramatically has it been rising for the past few years.

Thus to leverage this strategy fully, your content including the textual as well as the visual content should be optimised for mobile phones.

3. Partner With Another Brand

While giving your contemporaries a tough competition seems like a good idea. And the best way to do this by partnering with another brand.

Before you pass off this idea as stupid, have a look at how Uniqlo, a Japanese company grew their brand awareness my multifold by partnering with a fellow brand.

Uniqlo, being a casual clothing brand partnered with New York’s Museum of Modern Art. They sponsored free admission into the art museum every Friday from 4 PM – 8 PM. This is a classic example of cross-branding done right.

Have a look at Uniqlo’s growth chart. Notice the exponential growth in their brand awareness after they collaborated with another brand.

This helped them to tap into a wider audience base and positive referrals and word of mouth from the audience.

You know why this is a perfect way to create brand awareness?

Partnering with another brand or company helps you generate multiple loyal referrals, along with creating brand evangelists. Furthermore, this way you can also inherit the image as well the audience of the brand you are collaborating with.

4. Use Retargeted Ads

I have been recently looking at a wonderful pair of trousers at an online store, but eventually, I decided to look around before buying from a particular online store.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), when I was scrolling down my Facebook account, they popped out of nowhere.

Talk about the sixth sense!

But it is not the sixth sense, actually, it is retargeted advertising – one of the best way to establish brand awareness.

Retargeted ads are a type of digital display ad that “retargets” a user who has visited your website previously but exited without going through with the final action.

This way you don’t let your user forget about your brand and meanwhile, promotes your brand to the relevant users who are likely to end up purchasing the product.

These customers will then help you create a larger and larger customer base using techniques like referral programming and positive word of mouth.


As a new brand in the market, concentrating on every aspect of brand awareness strategies mentioned above is important.

Along with this, you can also start an email marketing campaign to send newsletters and ebooks to your audience. This is another step in creating a brand awareness by coming across as a thought leader.

Have you noticed that every form of marketing is interconnected when it comes to establishing a brand awareness? For example, you write blog posts to create brand awareness and then share them via emails and on social media channels.

Dedicating your time and efforts as a marketer to brand awareness can not only help you reach the business goals on time but also create a niche, rooted place for your product in the market.

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