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Growth hacking tools to boost B2B sales

by Era Inventions

Business-to-business (B2B or, in some countries, BtoB) transactions occur when one company conducts a commercial transaction with another. This usually happens when:

  • A firm is sourcing resources for their output manufacturing process, i.e. giving raw material to another company that will generate output.
  • For operational reasons, one company need the services of another.
  • A company resells items and services manufactured by others.

So you’re ready to expand your business and want to accomplish it quickly. Do you know about the growth hacking tools that will assist you in reaching your objectives?

It is necessary to gather the resources needed to assist in executing the company growth plan at each level of the growth hacking funnel.


What exactly is the growth hacking funnel? It is a method of visualising the many phases of connection with the clients. The growth-hacking funnel is made up of the following components:

  • Acquisition 
  • Activation 
  • Retention 
  • Revenue 
  • Referral

Because of their initials, these are often known as “pirate metrics” (AARRR).

Growth Hacking tools can help boost B2B Sales. Let us get into it and enhance ourselves with these helpful tools and Top B2B Growth Hacking Techniques.


  • Detective.

Detective is Most effective at Streamlining the sales research process and assisting in top B2B Growth hacking techniques.

The detective seeks to save sales professionals hours of contact time, research, and preparation by automating the research process. Detective distributes appropriate sources of information to your salespeople to equip them with buyer intel for calls and pitches without requiring them to go through endless pages of material online.

  • Tray 

The tray is Most efficacious at Automating your whole sales stack.

The tray allows your team to automate complicated operations and sync practically any combination of platforms. The tray has powerful automation features, allowing each team member to combine their everyday tools (such as Slack, Dropbox, Google Suite, Asana, and others) in one location. This frees up time for experimentation and growth.

  • Proposify

Proposify is Excellent at Creating proposals quickly.

It acts as an excellent B2B Growth Hacking Techniques.

High-quality proposals are essential for completing the deal, but they might take time to produce. Proposify automates the document generation process, allowing your team to prepare quotations, contracts, and other critical documents swiftly.

  • GetAccept 

B2B sales enablement is what GetAccept excel at.

GetAccept’s sales enablement tool is intended to assist teams in increasing their sales effectiveness. Document management, simple presentation creation tools, and electronic signature gathering are essential growth hacking elements.

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  • Expandi.io

Expandi is the best growth hacking tool for B2B marketers that use LinkedIn often. It is proved as an excellent B2B Growth Hacking Techniques.

 Expanding allows you to automate your LinkedIn marketing. Based on the attributes of your ideal consumer, you may automatically explore profiles, send individuals invitations, or write messages.

  • Conversica 

Discovering sales prospects is the speciality of Conversica.

Conversica employs virtual AI sales assistants to engage prospects genuinely. This frees up the sales team’s time to focus on selling and completing the deal rather than discovering fresh prospects.

  • Zoom

Zoom is accessible for free, with premium enhancements available.

Virtual/video meetings and conferences are best.

Zoom is a valuable tool for scheduling virtual meetings fast and simply. This application may assist in designing a one-on-one appointment with a prospect or conducting a 100-person lecture. Zoom also effortlessly connects with programmes such as Google Calendar, allowing to add virtual meetings to the calendar with the press of a button. It can also be helpful in Digital Marketing For Real Estate

  • HelloSign

HelloSign is free to use, with premium extras available.

Signing legally binding documents is what it is best at.

HelloSign is a powerful e-signature technology explicitly intended for companies. One may use HelloSign to track when a contact gets, opens, and signs the papers, removing the need for the back-and-forth. 

  • RollWorks 

Speeding up the B2B sales process is the speciality of RollWorks

RollWorks is an account-based marketing platform driven by machine learning. RollWorks provides target account identification, prioritising, account-based digital advertising, and sales automation. It assists in identifying target accounts and engaging them through the most successful channel for them; the tool then assesses the ensuing revenue impact.

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  • Jira

Jira is free to use, with premium enhancements available.

Best at: Fostering collaboration across sales, support, and development teams.

Jira is a cross-functional collaboration platform built for software firms. Jira provides sales teams with visibility throughout the whole product launch process, providing them with up-to-date information that may be utilised to clinch more transactions.

Sales teams, for example, have visibility into new product releases and feature rollouts using Jira, making it simpler to present prospects with realistic dates for when crucial features will be delivered.

  • Kixie

Kixie delivers phone, and SMS software for sales teams focused on efficiency. Kixie integrates directly to the CRM, enabling simple follow-up actions to transform call results into automated processes.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Best at: Using LinkedIn to get new leads.

Within LinkedIn’s UI, Sales Navigator provides extensive lead and company search capabilities. It also offers a lead suggestion tool that helps you rapidly identify relevant LinkedIn accounts, substantially diminishing the amount of time you spend searching for leads among hundreds of profiles.

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