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Embracing Growing Older: 101

by Era Inventions

Growing older is not just about racking up the number of candles on your birthday cake and much more to do with how you feel about where you are now, your memories and experiences and, of course, your wisdom and knowledge.

There is little point in trying to fight your growing age, mainly as no matter what you do, you are as old as you are, and it would be helpful to remember that.

Keep an Eye on That Waistline!

A healthy lifestyle is an important component of a fulfilled life for men and women of any age. However, as you become older, you also need to keep your weight in check and more specifically, to ensure you are not carrying too many extra pounds in and around your waist area.

Fatty deposits on your waistline can be especially dangerous for older adults and the elderly, due to the release of chemicals from the fatty areas that can contribute to a range of diseases that are much more prevalent in that age group, including diabetes and arthritis.

Drink More Water!

Even though the advice to drink more water on an average day seems to be the answer for everything, it really is a crucial component of living a healthy life as you age and, more importantly, to give every element of your body, from your skin to your heart, the best chances of functioning correctly.

Just a selection of the top advantages of drinking more water than you currently consume include, amongst a host of others, the following:

  • The efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells
  • Preventing painful bloating and constipation
  • Glowing and healthier skin, teeth, nails and hair
  • A way to regulate your core body temperature
  • Protection for your muscles and internal organs
  • A clean and efficient digestive system and bladder

It is Never Too Late to Make a Change!

Growing older does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that you have to adhere to what society thinks of older people and moreover, the only person you have to please or answer to is yourself.

Putting this attitude into practice, should you always have been more than a little dissatisfied with your facial features, specifically the shape of your nose, then you could contact a Denver rhinoplasty surgeon who is experienced and skilled in such procedures to find out more.

Get Outdoors!

The human body was simply not designed to be sitting down for long periods of the day; rather, every muscle and bone support movement, whether that be strenuous cardio exercises in the gym or repetitive movements when gardening in the yard.

Whatever your level of physical fitness, there is no excuse for not making sure you leave the warmth and comfort of your home, even in cold and wet weather, and at least take a short but brisk walk around the block.

Raising your heart rate and pumping blood around your body will not only do wonders for your body, but also help maintain healthy and positive levels of emotional health and wellbeing.

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