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Household plants have been symbolic of greenery, prosperity, and a carrier of limitless emotions and feelings almost since the beginning. Also, plants have been cleaning the air, giving us health benefits, and making our lives happier. These have now become the ultimate token, with so many qualities in hand, that everyone can bless their loved ones by sending plants online to Bangalore at their doorsteps. There are so many occasions around the corner. Plants are now an integral part of our households since they serve as replacements for medications, beauty products, air purifiers and bring life to any space in which they are housed. Leave out these wonders’ practical aspects; their exquisite leaves are sufficient to relieve you of the tension you bear back home. We have compiled a list of 10 plants for you, so pretty that you won’t notice the absence of flowers in your dwelling. Take a glance:

1. Beautiful Bonsai-

A bonsai plant is a beautiful creation of a natural tree in the dwarf structured plant. It is helpful in cleansing volatile compounds in the atmosphere. Planting this helps in bursting stress and makes me more energetic. They are the best indoor plants and also can be placed on the office desk too.

2.Sensational snake plant-

Think again, if you think the only sort of plant you can keep alive is made of plastic. Sansevieria is a very tolerant plant that is difficult to destroy (commonly known as the snake plant). It may withstand low levels of light, drought, and be overlooked in general. By helping to cleanse the air in your house, they will also reward your negligence.

3.Glorious golden pothos-

The golden pothos is very much known for their heart-shaped leaves with variegation in a yellow shade. It stays well in indoor conditions and we can expect this plant to be 10 feet long. Also, this plant is good for filtering toxic gases from the air.

4.Fun False Palm

Because of their union with tropical plants, palms elicit feelings of harmony and recreation like no other plant. They tend to give a bold, tropical look to the inside of home beauty that is appreciated. Warm temperature, normal humidity is required by the plant. So order indoor plants online to bring home these plants and uplift the beauty of the home.

5. Pretty Philodendron

This plant looks like golden pothos because of the heart-shaped leaf. They are often lauded as air-cleansing plants indoors. Their leaves are largely heart-shaped green putting in a touch of native tropical jungles to homes.

6. Fantastic Ferns

Fern plants are those plants that do not produce flowers. They simulate by producing spores. They look like flowering plants having roots, stems, leaves. In a single stem, there are many small leaves which makes it more attractive. To enjoy this beauty of the plant order and plan it in any corner of the house.

7. Cool Coleus

This plant is simple to grow and comes in colorful varieties like mushroom green, yellow-green, purple yellow, intense red. They are tropical plants that are not grown for their flowers but their leaves. You can order plants online for home decor.

8. Ferocious Ficus

This plant can be air-purifying available in free and yellow shades of leaves. Bring this plant home to your home to enjoy the mixture of colors of leaves along with purifying the atmosphere and mood around you.

9. Earnest colorful

If you are obsessed with green color then, in the red-leaf variety, buy this gorgeous plant and position it against a white wall to illuminate space. It needs a little care, this plant is readily accessible and can grow indoors.

Even though in every part of our house we would love to have a floral scent, there is a widespread pollen allergy among children and pets. It’s difficult to maintain and care for floral shrubs, no doubt, so why not look at a plant as gorgeous as yourself! Use colorful pots that match your décor and position them in matching ropes that compliment them.

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