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Why should you need to track the android phone of your kids?

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Parenting means so many responsibilities and daily tasks and challenges. Parents are responsible for the growth of kids and their well-being. It is essential to tell them the right path. So the important challenge is to monitor their kids and their all online activities. Parents need to aware of their kids’ activities and interactions through every stage of age. The connection between parents and children is important that can reduce the maximum danger. Technology is emerging day by day; it increases the usage of smart devices by children.

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What does mean by the android tracking system?

Track android phone application allows spying the all online activities of kids remotely. It is the strongest system to monitor all activities and movements of an android device secretly. It helps to keep an eye on children and protect them from so many online risks.

Kids face online danger while using the cell phone

Kids face several issues while they use the mobile phone, the internet, and social media. Some of the major issue

Sharing private information

Kids have their cell phones it might possible that they take photos make videos and so many other things. They use the internet and social media having personal accounts on social sites. They share their data and personal information without thinking the social boundaries.

Inappropriate post

It’s very easy to share something online. Social media allow sharing anything any time but on the other side, there are so many things found on the internet. Children do not think while they post that things influence in future. But they post inappropriate material it might hurt someday.

Unsuitable content

The internet has all kinds of material and we can found all types of content. Kid’s curious to find all kinds of content. Even they don’t care and intention to look over inappropriate content. They stumble accidentally,

Social engineering

This is a type of online attack that relies on the physiological trick. Some use this trick to taking someone’s private information. The trick is used by hackers to get access to one’s computer, laptop, and digital devices.  Kids are innocent they don’t know about the serious online dangers.

Cyber predators

Cyber predators are those who use to exploit the kids’ innocence. Those people abuse the trust of kids by impersonating them. They spend their time on social media platforms and games that are populated. 

How android cell phone monitor

The kids spending too much time using their devices like mobile phones, laptops, or computers. The excessive use of cell phones highlights the danger to involve kids in sexting, addiction to social pornography, media, and exposure the online predators. The increase of usage mobile causes them depression, anxiety, less sleep problem, and social thoughts. To control the risk of usage of cell phones and Parents also sleep better with a Night Guard employees monitoring software the internet use the cell phone monitoring application to check all online activities of kids secretly.

TheOneSpy android mobile application

TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring application allows a strong tracking system to check online activities of kids secretly. It exists as powerful software and it’s providing a safe and secure tool. It is the best mobile phone tracker for android devices like mobiles, tablets, etc. it performs its functions successfully.

Features of android cell phone

Password chasers

This can track android phone Password which is set on the android devices as a home screen lock.

Track on messenger

It helps to get access to all social media sites of the targeted device includes Skype, Whatsapp, Line, Snapchat, Messenger, etc by using fb spy app, skype spy app, whatsapp spy app, etc.

Phone Location Tracking

Android cell phone tracker gets access to locate the position of a targeted device without GPS.

Catch the Screenshots

This application easily captures the screenshot of the targeted mobile phones.

Call recording

This tracking software allows recording all incoming and outgoing calls. And also listen to the conversation from both sides.

Screen recording

This application provides the facility of screen record of the targeted phone activities.

Mark restricted area

Parents can mark any restricted area on the map to get the notification when their child visits the forbidden area.

Surrounding recording

Its mic bug system can record the surrounding sound and voice conversations. Users can save the data to the online dashboard.


TheOneSpy android phone tracking app works as a strong application to monitor kids all activities and save them from cyber bullying and online harassment. Its features help to track the android cell phone’s all functions secretly.  

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