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What are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

by Era Inventions

Since you’re a Google Blogger user, you don’t have to worry about bandwidth limitations, hacking vulnerabilities, etc. Google covers everything for you. You just have to worry about how to increase traffic to your site and how to improve it and ultimately serve your readers better.

In this search engine optimization guide, you will learn how to optimize blogs for search engines and how to get better quality traffic and how to become a better blogger than 96% of others and start making money (if that’s really what you want).

SEO is divided into 2 groups.

1. On-Page SEO

2. Off-Page SEO

On-Page Search Engine Optimization :

On-page SEO is considered the most important search engine optimization tactic; may tend to use keywords in the page title and copy. It can also optimize your metadata description to lead to a search engine results page.

You can do all the keyword, description, and internal linking optimizations you want; however, if the content on the page is crap, no one will go to your site.

Think about your audience as well as the keywords they are searching for and then create and optimize your website content based on those keywords.

The title tag refers to the name of the online page or the headline you see in the SERPs and is among the most important Off Page Seo factors once your actual content is on the page.

A meta description can be a short description that appears under the universal resource finder on the quest search engine results page and under the title in a very social post. Describes the content on its page; however, it is written to help your online page get listed in the SERP results.

Alt text refers to a word or phrase that can be assigned to an image file to guarantee that it will be indexed, and then search engines will figure out what it is because they can’t see images.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization :

Off-page SEO means that instead of optimizing your website, you perform various practices that drive traffic to your website. This may seem pointless to many, but it’s a technique that Google still uses to rank your site in search. Google checks how many people visit your website through other links and blogs and through it Google decides the quality of your website.

If you are a business owner looking to attract more people to your website, then just searching on Google will not help you. Off Page Seo basically means bringing your website closer to people, which is off-site SEO means telling people about your website and not Google.

The main goal is to create some kind of non-website link to your site. This can also be achieved through offline marketing, social media marketing (even talking about your brand), linked/unlinked brand mentions in different places, etc.

The most important thing is to do it the right way. Many people buy backlinks from untrusted sources because they ask less than others, which can lead to your site being blacklisted if Google detects it. It is also important to use links carefully, for example, don’t create too long links, to solve this problem there are many link-shortening websites that you can use. They are very easy to use and some even pay you to use their services

Conclusion :

Although Off-page SEO is an important player in Blogger SEO, you can actually improve your website’s keyword rankings by using ethical on-page SEO techniques.

The great thing about On-page SEO is that you can control everything. In other words, as a webmaster, you can decide what traffic you want and predict what traffic you will get.

The more you care about On-page SEO, the more organic traffic your site will see.

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