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Know everything about Wavemaker

by Era Inventions

WaveMaker, Inc., the premier low-code modernization platform, today announced WaveMaker 10, an upgraded platform for businesses looking to get the most out of their modernization and digital transformation projects.

The WaveMaker platform’s latest version uses a new front-end technology stack to give improved application speed, better features to aid developer productivity and collaboration, improved security and accessibility, and a built-in artifact repository for faster development.

WaveMaker 10 has the following features:

A cutting-edge application stack – Angular 7: Angular 7, the industry’s most robust and scalable web front-end technology, may be used to create responsive web and mobile apps. These programs offer improved performance and efficiency, as well as type safety and a more modern user interface.

Enhanced Developer Productivity and Collaboration: A new IDE synchronization feature allows programmers to mix and match Java code produced in their favorite IDEs, such as Eclipse or Intellij, with low-code platform components for a unique developer experience. WaveMaker 10 gives enterprise application development teams extensive, granular customization possibilities in this way.

Developers can exchange reusable application parts including service prefabs, templates, themes, and data models in the new platform’s integrated artifact repository and Low code Alternatives – Compare Wavemaker Vs Mendix vs OutSystems vs Powerapps. These collaboration features help to streamline major enterprise modernization and digital transformation initiatives by promoting standardization, consistency, and reuse-driven efficiency.

Wavemaker is expanding its developer base across global IT companies, and the platform now offers localization in a regional language, allowing teams of enterprise developers to work more cooperatively and productively across several language zones.

Increased Enterprise Security and Accessibility: As more enterprise, IT teams migrate to the cloud, they’re looking for finer-grained user restrictions to reduce security risks. As a result, WaveMaker 10 may construct various developer personas, each with its own set of permissions, allowing teams to specialize in the upgraded application. OpenID protocols are used for authentication and single sign-on, and all WaveMaker 10 apps are protected against the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities, ensuring enhanced security against threats and malicious injections. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 is also supported by WaveMaker 10 applications, making them more accessible to users with disabilities.


WaveMaker’s software platform transforms how businesses design, deliver, and manage modern custom applications, allowing them to be more agile and innovative. WaveMaker takes advantage of cutting-edge low-code trends and technologies like multi-device auto-responsive interfaces and componentized app assembly, Docker for app-optimized container deployment on private infrastructures, and APIs and Microservices Architecture (MSA) for scalable integration.

As explained by Techopedia WaveMaker is a tool that automates the development of cloud software applications and Java Web applications. It is a hosted development environment that includes a visual RAD platform.

The Low code application development platform for enterprises, Isvs, and Banks  integrate the Spring Framework, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), and Ajax Visual Studio to help web developers create Ajax applications. The WaveMaker Community edition generates application source code that is available under the Apache license.

WaveMaker is an open-source graphical application development environment (ADE). It offers rapid application development (RAD) tools for creating Web apps, such as forums and order entry forms. WaveMaker programs run on a regular Java server and are compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

WaveMaker Studio and WaveMaker Runtime Framework are the two most important parts of WaveMaker. WaveMaker Studio is a drag-and-drop Web application development tool that runs in a browser. The Studio application includes the WaveMaker Runtime Framework.

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