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History of development

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Online hypermarket Amazon is rightfully considered a giant in the e-commerce market. It was Amazon that ushered in a new era in marketing history by offering a wider audience the ability to shop from the comfort of their homes.

The founder of the company is Jeffrey Preston Bezos. He started his business with selling books, but in a matter of weeks the Internet project became popular and received a powerful impetus for development, which influenced the further path of the project. Now on Amazon.com you can buy over 30 categories of goods, including e-books and e-readers for them, consumer electronics, children’s toys, groceries, sporting goods and much more. The payment movement handle through online payment gateways especial paypal. But you should confirm and verify the paypal sending limit before using it.

Currently, there are 13 Amazon branches located in Australia, Brazil, Holland, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK. They differ from each other in a number of ways, including shipping costs. The most popular, of course, is Amazon in the US. But analogues from Germany and Great Britain are gradually catching up with the leader. By the way, registering at one of the Amazon branches automatically gives the right to make purchases on all other sites, except for the Chinese one.

Features of Amazon

Today, “Amazon” is considered the main competitor of the online auction eBay. Moreover, not only in terms of the range of goods, but also in terms of prices. The company has no real stores. All transactions for the purchase and sale of goods are carried out only on the Internet. Therefore, the cost of goods in the online hypermarket remains very low.

The sellers here are both Amazon itself and the sellers who use this platform to sell their goods or services. Amazon devotes a lot of time to developing exclusive branded products, as well as creating the most convenient and customer-oriented service. Every effort is made to get the internet user to want to buy on Amazon and do it regularly.

In the second case, the Internet hypermarket acts as a guarantor of the transaction. He scrupulously checks sellers before admitting to the site, processes payments, monitors the seller’s fulfillment of his obligations, and ensures the return of goods.

There are practically no opportunities for fraud on the site, because even received payments will not be transferred to the seller’s account until the buyer confirms the receipt of a quality product. Therefore, it is considered safe to buy from Amazon.

An interesting feature of the site is the ability of the buyer to act as a seller. Any registered user has the right to put up a new or used item for sale.

How does Amazon work?

The main principle of the site: maximum user comfort to stimulate the desire to make a purchase. A convenient search engine makes it possible to quickly find a product by any word that is somehow related to it. Numerous product catalogs are offered, with the help of which the buyer can navigate. Moreover, you can always ask for expert advice if you are in doubt about whether to buy a particular product and game like h game. Amazon also offers subscription to interesting promotions and news related to the product you are interested in. That is, you will be able to receive only the information that is really interesting and needed.

In addition to the widest range of products, Amazon has created a postage insurance system, which further enhances the safety of purchases. A convenient system of payments by bank card will also not leave indifferent any visitor of the site. Yes, yes, at Amazon you can pay with Visa and MasterCard, which are popular in Russia.

An important caveat for buyers from Russia is that most of the goods from Amazon are delivered only within the United States. And sometimes this delivery is free. There are, of course, offers with delivery to Russia. But there are few of them, and the cost of delivery sometimes exceeds the cost of the purchase itself. Therefore, in this situation, it is better to use fish is fast services. This will allow you not to limit yourself in your choice, and even save on international delivery.

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