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Advantages Of Utilizing The Orton-Gillingham Technique 

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Orton Gillingham is not a curriculum but a methodology that focuses on organized literacy education that is multisensory, direct, and sequential. The method was developed over a century ago and has been very beneficial in the classroom for all types of students, including those who struggle with reading and dyslexia. To ensure that all children are literate, it is essential to teach reading in a manner that is structured and centred on the science of reading. To be of assistance to one’s kid or one’s pupils, it is vital to educate oneself in the finest techniques available, whether one is a parent or a teacher. Decades of study have shown that schooling that is both organized and multisensory, like orton-gillingham training for teachers, is the most effective method for assisting all pupils in becoming excellent readers.

The Origins And Development Of Orton-Gillingham

The Orton-Gillingham method was one of the first instructional techniques explicitly developed to aid students who had difficulty reading by making the links between letters and sounds more directly clear to students. This method aims to help students overcome their reading difficulties and become successful readers. Their method incorporated direct, multisensory teaching tactics into sessions organized sequentially and centred on phonics.

What the Orton-Gillingham method is all about. The Orton-Gillingham method is a highly organized technique that breaks down reading and spelling into more minor abilities which involve letters and sounds, and then build on these skills over time. Professor Orton Gillingham developed this method. Not only was it the first approach to use these types of instruction, but it was also the first to use these types of instruction.

Og Education, Training, Or Accreditation: What Is The Difference Between The Two?

If you want to use the Orton-Gillingham (OG) technique, you may either say that you “have training” or that you are “certified,” but both terms refer to quite different degrees of requirements and depths of knowledge.

Participants in OG training are given an overview of the OG approach and its core ideas. During training, you will often get an overview of the methodology and the essential information required to implement best practices with your students.

You will be considered an expert after completing your OG certification. You will have a profound and illuminating understanding of the theory and the techniques. You will build mastery of the subject matter via courses and supervised practicums. 

Which Of These Choices Suits You The Most?

You will need to consider your long-term objectives and the reasons you want to seek training or certification to establish which choice is the better. Parents, classroom instructors, and other professionals interested in gaining a deeper understanding of organized literacy are the ideal candidates for OG Training.

The OG course will offer you an excellent introduction to organized literacy utilizing a method that incorporates several senses. You will be equipped with the basic information necessary to implement the most effective policies and procedures and advocate for your children or students. OG Certification is ideal for educators, tutors, and other professionals who want to advance their knowledge of organized literacy and become specialists in the field.


Understanding the Science of Reading and educating pupils using methods like orton-gilingham training for teachers supported by research are ultimately two of the most significant factors in determining whether or not they will become literate. You can be sure that this information has helped you understand the many possibilities for Orton-Gillingham training and certification that are available since there are many options (and acronyms) out there.

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