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6 of the Best Paper Editing Tools for College Students

by Era Inventions

A good college paper is usually based on two aspects-well-researched write-ups and zero syntactic and editing errors resulting in poor grades. Thanks to the internet, it has various reliable online paper checker and editing tools that have made the enormous task of manually screening the assignments easy.

With the editing and paper checkertools available online, there’s no reason your papers should have grammar and spelling errors. Many of the tools go beyond basic scanning and scans to enhance the style and vocabulary of assignments. These tools help edit college students’ assignments and check for plagiarism but actually teach you to become a better writer.

Check the best editing and paper checker tools here-

  1. Grammarly

This is one of the most popular, widely-used, and reliable essay rewritertools on the internet, available for free and paid versions. Grammarly is super advanced and proved it to be as close to a human editor as possible. It improves readability score, with zero error, resulting in better grades.

It can fix many errors and provide you with many other useful features needed for polishing college papers. It corrects contextual errors, spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and writing style. You can use the tool in MS Word and Google Docs. Misused commas, enhanced vocabulary, and typing mistakes are erased from college papers by Grammarly at the first go.

  1. After the deadline

This editing website allows users to analyse their written texts and check for writing style, spelling, and grammar issues. It shows the errors and also makes suggestions about how you can eliminate the errors. Checking texts on the After the Deadline tool is super easy, and it can scan the students’ paper in minutes, along with a detailed report.

  1. Cliché Finder

The proficient and cheap essay writers from the reliable online assignment help website state Cliché Finder as a reliable tool for the students to check their assignments. As the name suggests, this tool eliminates the overused clichés on the first go. This automatically makes the content more engaging.

The next step is scanning and editing the uploaded assignment and eliminate the advanced errors. The tool can be used in paid and free versions.

  1. StyleWriter

StyleWriter is an online content editing tool that goes beyond being a spellcheck and grammar checker. This editing tool has features that can make the students a better academic writer. It defines the process by which your content is being checked. It defines and polishes every write-up that you have uploaded for scanning.

StyleWriter is available on Starter ($90), Standard ($150), and Professional ($190), with various perks available for each version. You can scan and support all advanced content in the tool with more than 250 grammar and syntactical styles.

  • ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is an online tool that analyses the write-up uploaded on the website by the students, showcases the areas that need changes, and restructures the areas. This web-based, AI-supported tool eliminates writing and construction errors, grammar and punctuation mistakes and replaces them with better sounding and catchwords and sentences. ProWritingAid is available on the paid and free version. Choose as per your requirements.

  • Correct

This is another editing and proofreading tool relevant to check academic papers, essays, and assignments. Upload your completed projects in this superfast editing tool and find relevant suggestions to improve your assignment quality. Detect all spelling and grammar mistakes that may have been overlooked by other tools here.

Hope you will find this helpful.


In the write-up above, we have thrown light on some of the best editing tools available on the web for college students. We have shared the free tools here that serve all the purposes that others usually pay and use. Choose as per your preferences.

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Alley John is a former software developer and one of the main developers of the paper checker tool of MyAssignmenthelp.com. He also solves the programming software-related projects of college and university students. Smith has completed 500+ assignments for the students so far.

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