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Popular Teams to Bet on at SOL Sports Betting Sites

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SOL sports betting sites have become popular in recent years, becoming a favourite for many crypto bettors. With the speed of transactions and cheap transaction fees that Solana offers, it’s natural for crypto bettors to prefer it. 

It doesn’t stop there, though, as SOL sports betting sites offer a variety of sports to bet on. This offers punters the opportunity to wager on popular sports like basketball, American football, and soccer. However, some punters are unable to get good returns after spending their Solana tokens (SOL) on these sites. 

That’s because they always bet on teams that stand little chance of winning. If you want to become a winner, you should bet on a popular team at a SOL sports betting site. This article covers some of the popular teams that offer you a good chance of winning at SOL sports betting sites.

8 Popular Teams to Bet on at Sol Sports Betting Sites

Popular sports teams are teams that have gone through the fire and earned their place as a fan favourite. Such teams allow bettors to earn good returns on their betting investments since they’re almost always guaranteed to win.

Some of these popular teams that you can bet on at SOL sports betting sites include:

Green Bay Packers

Anyone familiar with American football will recognize the Wisconsin-based Green Bay Packers team. This team is one of the oldest in National Football League (NFL) history, as they were established in 1919. The Packers are 13 league champion winners, making them a popular option at SOL sports betting sites. 

This team also has 2 Super Bowl wins under their belt and more than 800 NFL game wins. With a reputation like this, betting on the Green Bay Packers at SOL sports betting sites should net you easy money.

Tennessee Titans

Everyone loves an underdog, and one of the biggest underdogs at SOL sports betting sites is the Tennessee Titans. Based in Nashville, Tennessee; The Tennessee Titans are a popular American football team that was established in 1959.  

Although the Titans were relatively less known in their early years, things changed in 2016. From 2016, the Titans went through six seasons where they won consecutively in four playoffs. When you combine this history with their performance in recent seasons, you’ll see why the Titans are a good choice. 

Los Angeles Dodgers

Coming over to Major League Baseball (MLB), the majority choice is the Los Angeles Dodgers. Founded in 1883, this Los Angeles-based football team became a crowd favourite when they won the 1959 World Series. Their title wins continued to 1963, 1965, and 1988 due to the presence of ace pitchers on the team. 

This dominance has continued to this day, as the Dodgers have recorded 24 National League Pennants and 7 World Series. So, when you’re debating on a MLB team at your SOL sports betting site, you should try the Los Angeles Dodgers.

New York Yankees

Based in the Bronx, the New York Yankees are a good choice to bet on at SOL sports betting sites. The Yankees started their journey as a football team in 1903 and earned 27 World Series Championships under their belt. They also won 40 American League Pennants and 19 American League East Division titles.

The New York Yankees have more wins under their belt than most North American sports league franchises. So, you can expect a good return when you bet on this popular team at a SOL sports betting site.

Golden State Warriors

Regarding the basketball wagering scene, the Golden State Warriors are a good choice to bet on at SOL sports betting sites. This San Francisco-based team was established in 1946 and has earned several National Basketball Association (NBA) wins. The Warriors set several records in the NBA, such as the best regular season (in 2016), and the best postseason run.

The Golden State Warriors also have a high number of Finals appearances, making them a reliable team. So, when you visit a SOL sports betting site to wager on basketball, the Golden State Warriors are a good choice.

Los Angeles Lakers

Based in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Lakers are another popular basketball choice for bettors at SOL sports betting sites. Founded in 1947, the Lakers have 17 NBA championships under their belt, the most in NBA history. 

In the 1980s, this team rose to stardom when they drafted Magic Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar, and James Worthy. Even when these players retired, new stars like Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and LeBron James rose to take their place.

So, the Los Angeles Lakers have retained some of the dominance of their golden 1980s to this day. They’re a good choice to bet on at SOL sports betting sites.

FC Bayern Munich

Sometimes simply called Bayern Munich, this Munich-based football team is a popular name on the sports scene. Established in 1900, FC Bayern Munich is a Bundesliga giant that has won the European Cup three times, consecutively. Their wins are all over the place, from the UEFA Super Cup to the FIFA Club World Cup.

Their current roster is a mashup of superstars like Sadio Mané, Kinglsey Coman, Thomas Muller, and Manuel Neuer. This has helped them to win many matches in recent times. So, if you enjoy football, you can’t go wrong with betting on Bayern Munich at SOL sports betting sites.

Miami Dolphins

Based in the Miami Metropolitan Area, the Miami Dolphins are another underdog to bet on at SOL sports betting sites. This American football team was established in 1965 and became popular when they won Super Bowl VII. Their perfect winning streak for that season still stands undefeated today.

Although the Miami Dolphins have had mediocre performances following Coach Marino’s retirement, they’re getting back on track. Following the entrance of the new head coach, Mike McDaniel, this team enjoyed two back-to-back winning seasons. So, there’s a good chance of receiving your money’s worth once you bet on them at a SOL sports betting site.


Players who are hoping for an easy win at SOL sports betting sites can’t go wrong with the above teams. These teams span popular sports like American football, basketball, baseball, and football. So, you can be sure of a quick win when you bet on them at SOL sports betting sites.

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