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Most cheapest place to live in California

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Most cheapest place to live in California

If you are looking for a Most cheapest place to live in California, there are many places available. Some people prefer living near San Francisco, while others like living in Los Angeles. You need to consider the location of where you want to live as well. Some people think that it is better to find cheap houses near Cali or Sacramento, but this is not true. There are some places that can be found easily just by driving a car and looking at a few homes. Also, if you need to move for any reason, you will have the option.

You should also determine what kind of rent you need. The rental rate can be very high when you are in the city. Don’t forget about utilities. Make sure that you find out whether your landlord offers such services.

You need to look at your budget and decide on where you want to relocate. Do you need a house? Or is it a condo? Many condos have a good view of the water and other buildings in the vicinity. When deciding on one single thing, you need to take a lot of factors into account such as the size, price point, availability, etc. Therefore, the decision is pretty tough. It is very crucial to ensure that this is the best possible deal that you can get.

Cheapest Places in California

The Most cheapest place to live in California  are Santa Cruz Mountains, Pacific Palisades, Solano Islands, Sierra Nevada, El Capitan City, and Mammoth Mountains State Park, etc.

Santa Cruz Mountains

Santa Cruz Mountains are located in the southern part of California. This region can be referred to by its name “Big Sur.” The area has various beaches that allow the residents to enjoy the sea view without the hassle of having to leave their cars behind. These beaches include Bear Mountain Beach, Mission Beach Point, and Pismo Beach. There are also several hiking trails that lead to these beaches. As far as accommodation is concerned, the region is very beautiful and comfortable. There are affordable hotels and resorts that are available in the region. However, if you are traveling from outside the state, then you will find more affordable options.

Pacific Palisades

Pacific Palisades can be viewed easily from different parts of Southern California, from the mountains to the beaches. A lot of people like visiting this part of the country and thus it provide the space to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as the beach views. It also features nice parks that can accommodate visitors. Apartments for this region are very affordable. For a couple of days you can rent an apartment here with meals without worrying about the quality of the meals. Another interesting feature here is being able to visit the local shops and restaurants and also other commercial establishments. Being close to Central Coast makes the area convenient for those that want to explore more.

Solano Islands

The Solano Islands are located in North Eastern California. Apart from providing the coastal beauty, the islands can also provide a relaxing atmosphere that fits those who love spending time after getting tired. The island is home to lots of natural beaches that are perfect for family vacations and honeymoons. Those who want to spend a day on the island might want to consider renting an air-conditioned room in order to stay relaxed on the island.

El Capitan City

El Capitan City itself can be considered New Bakersfield. Although, it is located in Northern California, the city has a large population that allows people to live here and work. Due to this, it has gained several celebrities such as Katy Perry, Brad Pitt, and Kevin Bacon that have lived and worked around here. Apart from this, the city also includes several educational institutions that offer training to students and tourists. Furthermore, El Capitan City is also a popular tourist attraction with the recent opening of a new hospital. Thus, it is also a great choice for tourists.

Mammoth Mountain State Park

Most cheapest place to live in California &  Mountain is the highest peak in the United States and is the second highest peak in the world. It can easily accommodate those who want to hike up the slopes and even climb the walls. Mammoth Mountain has made it to the top of the list of destinations to visit in California. Its main attractions include Mammoth Springs, Mt. Ararat, and Mount Whitney. Mountain State Park is known as a big tourism hub in Northern California. Due to so much hype surrounding the park, Mammoth Mountain has attracted people from every corner of the earth. Additionally, it is a good idea for those who work in Los Angeles because they can access the facility easily.


The above mentioned are the places to live in California as long as you have enough money People come here for relaxation and vacation time. So don’t let the cost go into your decision making. Take note of your budget and make sure that this is the best suitable option that you can get. So plan ahead!

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