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IATF 16949 & ISO Audit – Everything You Needs to Know

by Era Inventions

IATF 16949 Audit, also called ISO/TS 16949 certification audit, means the third party will do the assessment on the IATF 16949 system which you claimed to be certified with IATF 16949 standard. IATF 16949 Audits are essential to ensure that your company’s management system maintains compliance with its quality management standard, but are they worth the time and money? It depends on how you look at it.

1) An overview of IATF

IATF (International Accreditation Forum) is an association of national and regional accreditation bodies based in Geneva, Switzerland. Its members represent accreditation bodies from over 140 countries and regions around the world. IAF also has members from international organizations such as ISO and ECAC. The 16949 standard is a quality management system standard published by IAF, which identifies best practices for quality management systems.

2) What is ISO certification?

It’s a common misconception that ISO certification is mandatory for companies to trade with other countries. However, all countries have their own requirements for suppliers and these requirements differ from one country to another. 

That said, it’s in a company’s best interest to obtain an internationally recognized certification like ISO 9001:2008 in order to streamline international trading relationships and reduce unnecessary paperwork and costs associated with auditing and paperwork processing. Also, your customers will be able to easily verify your quality management system; they may even use such information when deciding whether or not to purchase from you. 

Of course, there are other benefits as well; certification like ISO 9001:2008 gives your business credibility in overseas markets and gives you access to new opportunities through export markets.

3) Overview of ISO 9001 2015

The new edition of ISO 9001 audit is here! Companies can begin implementing ISO 9001 2015 in early 2016. Like previous versions, new revisions are fully compatible with previous ones, so transition will be smooth. However, there are some notable differences to take note of during audit preparation.

4) Advantages of ISO certification

ISO certification will prove to your customers that you are committed to quality, helping you gain their trust and open up new sales opportunities. You’ll also be able to respond more quickly to changes in market conditions by ensuring you have a documented process for making changes. Many suppliers won’t even consider entering into business with ISO-certified companies due to their reputation for delivering high-quality products and services. ISO certification is also becoming increasingly important as countries look toward trade agreements with each other, because compliance is now required before you can ship goods internationally.

5) Disadvantages of ISO certification

You probably already know that IATF 16949 is a quality standard set by the International Accreditation Forum. It specifies requirements for manufacturers of certain types of products who want to become ISO 9000 certified, but are not required to be. To make sure you meet IATF standards, choose a supplier audit service provider that is accredited by ANAB or NQA with at least 5 years experience in IATF certification programs.

6) Working towards ISO Certification (Step by Step)

When you’re looking for an IATF certification auditing company, keep in mind that they are just as important as your original supplier. The quality of your audit will be affected by how well your auditor performs, so make sure to evaluate companies carefully. It is essential to choose a well-known company with experience, so you’ll want to look for one that has been auditing suppliers for at least five years. A large company with many clients will have more resources available to conduct thorough audits and provide detailed reports—they may even have staff members on call 24/7 to deal with any urgent issues.

7) Evaluating Companies that Provide Auditing Services

While there are many companies that provide IATF 16949 audits, it’s important to vet them before you hire them. You should ask these questions: What type of certification do they have? How long have they been in business? What companies have used their services? Is there an opportunity for open communication with clients who used their services previously? We think there is a lot to be said for working with a company that has stood behind its work and stands by its customers. While IATF certification and good customer reviews aren’t necessarily a guarantee that an audit will yield positive results, we find them encouraging signs of competence and predictability. If you would like assistance finding suitable auditing services, we encourage you to reach out to one of our business consultants.

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