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China Fiber Optic Supplier You Should Know About

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Fiber optics have become a key part of our digital age. From transmitting data to providing internet service, fiber optics are indispensable. And because of that, the fiber optic industry is booming. If you’re looking for a supplier of fiber optics in China, here are five companies you should know about.

What is a fiber optic supplier?

There are many fiber optic suppliers in China, and not all of them are as reputable as others. Before selecting a supplier, it is important to do your research and find a company that you trust. Here are three fiber optic suppliers in China that deserve your attention:

1. APL Networks

APL Networks is one of the largest fiber optic suppliers in China, with operations throughout the country. The company has a long history of providing quality products and services to its customers.

2. Beijing Datang Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. (BDC)

BDC is another major Chinese fiber optic supplier, with operations in both the optical network equipment (ONE) and telecommunications equipment (TE) markets. BDC is known for its high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

3. Changsha Huaxin Optical Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. (CHFT)

CHFT is a leading fiber optics supplier based in Changsha, Hunan Province. The company offers a wide range of products and services to its customers, including custom-engineered solutions.

Types of fiber optic cables

Fiber optic cables are made of a large number of individual optical fibers that are bundled together and then covered in a protective sheath. The individual fibers are then put into a cable jacket. Fiber optic cables can be used for telecommunications, computer networking, and data storage. Fiber optic cables can transfer large amounts of data quickly and with little interference.

The main types of fiber optic cables are single-mode fiber optic cable and multimode fiber optic cable. Single-mode fiber optic cable has one core type of optical fiber that is used to send data down the cable, and this type of cable is usually used for long distances. Multimode fiber optic cable has multiple cores that use different types of optical fibers to send the data down the cable, and this type of cable is usually used for short distances or for connecting different devices together. There are also special types of multimode fiber optics cables that can handle higher speeds than other types of multimode fiber optics cables.

There are also many different kinds of connectors used for fiber optic cables, including SC connectors, LC connectors, ST connectors, FC connectors, BPX connectors, MPO connectors, and MMF connectors.

What are the benefits of using a fiber optic supplier?

When it comes to choosing a china fiber optic supplier, it is important to do your research and select one that will provide you with the best possible service and products. Here are some of the benefits of using a fiber optic supplier:

1. They Have a Wide Range of Products: When selecting a fiber optic supplier, be sure to look at their product range. Many suppliers offer a variety of products, including core optics, fibers, cables, patch cords, and connectors. This allows you to find the right solution for your specific needs.

2. They Are Experienced in the Industry: When selecting a fiber optic supplier, make sure they are experienced in the industry. This will ensure that they can provide you with quality products and services.

3. They Are Professionals: When selecting a fiber optic supplier, make sure they are professional and knowledgeable about the industry. They should be able to help you navigate through the complicated process of choosing the right product and service for your needs.

4. They Are Available 24/7: When selecting a fiber optic supplier, make sure they are available 24/7 so that you can contact them whenever you need assistance.

The top 5 China fiber optic suppliers

1. ZTE Corporation

ZTE Corporation is a Chinese telecommunications company that produces and sells telecom equipment, including fiber optic products. The company has a wide range of fiber optic products, including cables, modules, switches and routers. In 2016, the company acquired Nokia’s struggling optical communications business for $2 billion.

2. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd is China’s second largest telecommunications equipment provider, with revenues of over $30 billion in 2016. The company produces telecom equipment including fiber optic products. Huawei has been accused of spying on its own people and other countries, but the company has denied these accusations and continues to operate worldwide.

3. OPF

O-pf.com Grid Company Limited is one of China’s leading power providers and also a major investor in the fiber optics industry. The company provides broadband internet services to businesses and residential customers through its network of more than 30,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable across southern China. China Southern is also a supplier of telecom equipment and components to other companies in China and around the world.

4. Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.(FJIC)

FJIC is one of China’s largest integrated circuit (IC) makers with annual revenue topping $11 billion as of 2016 . The company manufactures ICs for telecom applications such as cellular base stations, 3G/4G phones So


In today’s world, it is important to be able to trust the companies you do business with. China fiber optic supplier companies should be at the top of your list, as they have been trusted by businesses and consumers for years. When it comes to quality and customer service, these suppliers always deliver. So if you are looking for reliable fiber optics supplies from a reputable company, make sure to check out China fiber optic supplier companies!

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