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Best forest machines that make your work easier

by Era Inventions

When searching for the best forest machines you have to take a lot of details under consideration. Not all machines can be used for every type of forestry work so you should be aware of the work that needs to be done, keeping in mind the cost and simplicity of use. In addition, safety is something that should be considered because forestry machines are usually robust, they take a lot of space and energy.

Known for their 25-year long tradition of manufacturing forestry machinery, distinguished by quality and innovative work is the company Uniforest.

At Uniforest, forestry machines are designed and manufactured using the latest technology and high quality components that are friendly to the environment.

Their research team takes time and diligently explores customers experience and satisfaction so that the production team, of 70 highly trained and dedicated individuals, could build the machines that customers can rely on. Due to their dedication to safety and customer satisfaction, Uniforest is a proud owner of many awards and certificates, and has patented many products.

Forestry winches, log splitters, skidders, firewood processors and skyline systems are just some of Uniforest’s best forestry machines suited both for individual and wide range use.

Radio remote control for forestry winches

A forestry winch is a construction used to pull loads by rope. The rope is wound up by a motorized winch. They are most commonly used in forestry technology and are also called logging winches.

Forestry winches are robust and made of high quality galvanized steel.

Professional forestry winches can pull, carry or lift heavy loads and are intended to be used with powerful vehicles. A lot of power is required for these actions, therefore the winches are meant to be strong. For example forestry winches can be used for shifting wood or when pulling a trailer for use.

Depending on the amount of labor needed forestry winches can be divided in several categories: drum, worm wheel, electric, hydraulic, manual and radio winches.

Radio winches are the ones that can be controlled remotely by the user. Forestry work is still considered very high risk and dangerous, despite all the sector’s efforts to reduce incidents and make forestry work safer. That’s why radio remote control for forestry winches would be recommended. In this way, machines can be controlled from a safe distance thus increasing productivity. 

Radio remote controls for forestry winches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some remotes are even as small as a pendant.

At Uniforest you can choose from two types of radio remote controls for forestry winches, with very little differences between them. The first type, which comes in three different models, are Tele Radio T60-UF, Tele Radio T70-1 and Tele Radio T80-1 are standard types of radio remote controls for forestry winches and are easily mounted on single drum winches.

Another type is Terra funk and offers four models, Fa5-D1P, FA5-D2P, FA5-K1P and FA5-K2P. The models FA5-K1P and FA5-K2P come with an integrated tractor overturn protection as standard. All models include two different types of chargers, the tractor one that can be used while mobile and the quick charging one.

Hydraulic Forestry Winch

When facing a type of work in need of a greater power output than a hydraulic forestry winch is the solution for you. A hydraulic forestry winch is a winch powered by a hydraulic system and a pump. It also has more components and is far more expensive than the electric ones.

Hydraulic forestry winch isn’t operated by an electric motor and doesn’t have other electrical components so there is no chance of overheating. It can basically go on and on without a break or a cooling period. 

Hydraulic forestry winch is used massively in the marine industry because of it’s durability, providing the same amount of power for a longer period of time even when submerged completely under water.

The best selling hydraulic forestry winch at Uniforest is the 55 Hpro with a pulling force of 5.5 tons and has an unwinding device. You can also get the 55H type, with the same pulling force but without the unwinding device.

Forest Machines

Forestry industry relies on different tools and forest machines that help do the work of cutting and processing trees properly. After covering all you need to know in a nutshell about forestry winches, next is an introduction to other forest machines, without which forestry would be hard to imagine.

Delimbers are vital forest machines for forestry and logging work. for delimbing trees you can use three different methods – a gate, pull-through and flail method.

All three types of delimbers are low cost and suitable for type of wood processing where the outcome of the remaining wood isn’t important.

Gates are steel structures welded into a grid pattern. The tree load is moved by a grapple skidder through the steel gates breaking of the limbs in the process.

Pull through are horizontally mounted processors and are able to standalone or be trailer mounted. A system of three or more knives grip the trunk of the tree in order to pull it through the processors. There are models that come with an additional feature like a topping saw, used to remove the head of the tree.

Flail delimber is a rotating drum with chains. The chains break off the limbs and branches after trees are being loaded into the drum.

Feller Bunchers is another type of a forest machine that falls in the ‘must have’ category. They are self propelled machines with one single cutting head.

Feller bunchers are capable of gripping more than one stem at the time but don’t come with processing power. Their cutting head is used only for cutting, holding and as a ground placement device.

Stump Grinders are used to remove the tree stumps using a rotating cutting disc.

They can be as small as a lawn mower and as big as a truck. Some stump grinders can also be attached to tractors and excavators. Typically, stump grinders can completely remove the roots of the trees or even recover the central part of the root.

Harvesters are another type of a forest machine, also used for cutting. It is a self propelled cutting machine.

Finally, a type of forest machine without which logging would be unimaginable are Log Loaders, used for sorting and stocking logs into piles.

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