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A Comprehensive Guide to Integrating Video Chat APIs and SDKs Into Your App

by Era Inventions

Video chat APIs and SDKs offer a technical framework that allows communication platforms to conduct real-time video calls. These tools also include several advantageous functionalities to boost your app development journey.

They provide a wide range of device and browser support. It ensures your video call feature works on the most popular mobile devices and browsers.

Getting Started

Video chat is an interface that allows users to communicate on a real-time basis using audio and visual signals. One-on-one meetings, group conferences, webinars, and other business events can be held with it. Solutions for video conferencing are growing in popularity as companies look for ways to boost output and effectiveness.

A video chat solution in your mobile or web application can significantly benefit your customers. It can help you achieve a faster time-to-market, reduce costs, and offer more features than if you developed your software from scratch. It can also ensure high-security standards like end-to-end encryption and compliance with industry regulations such as GDPR & HIPAA.

Some video chat APIs and SDKs offer simple, plug-and-play integration with the ability to add a live video widget to your platform in minutes. That can make it easier for your development team to integrate a video chat feature in your app and allow your customers to experience a better video call interface.

A good video chat solution should support multiple Android, iOS, and Web platforms. It might help you connect with more people and attract more business customers. It should also offer a wide range of features, such as voice and video editing capabilities, background replacement, noise suppression, and teleportation.

Embedding the SDK

Developing your video conferencing application can be expensive and time-consuming. To reduce your costs and speed up development, you can use a video chat SDK. A video chat SDK (Software Development Kit) is a toolbox of software tools you can use to build your app.

With a video chat API, you can create interactive real-time video calls and screen sharing on mobile apps, websites, and hybrid applications. It is an essential tool for businesses that need to communicate with customers and stakeholders around the globe. The benefits of using video chats include cost-savings, improved customer experience, and increased productivity.

All of these objectives can be accomplished with the aid of video chat SDKs and APIs, which offer a safe environment for users to interact with one another via live video chat. However, there are some things to remember when choosing the correct video chat API for your business.

The best video chat SDKs provide a wide range of features, such as one-on-one video calling, screen sharing, and group video conferencing. They also have excellent scalability and quick implementation capabilities. Additionally, you can choose from different pricing models. For example, Zoom offers a SaaS model that gives you access to all of its features for a monthly fee.


A video chat SDK is software that provides the infrastructure and features for creating real-time communication apps. It is made to integrate quickly and simply with an app’s current features. It’s like a coffee machine: you don’t need to know how it works to get a cappuccino; you press the buttons. An efficient video conferencing SDK can be integrated in less than a week, sometimes even daily.

A good chat API or SDK comes with built-in ML (machine learning) capabilities that help businesses make more informed decisions without spending extra money on a team of experienced ML designers and developers. It also has built-in security features that protect users’ privacy and enable secure end-to-end encryption to safeguard sensitive information.

Using an SDK for a video chat app is an excellent way to increase the number of interactions with potential customers or clients and provide a more engaging experience. However, ensuring that the software’s functionality fits your use case is essential when choosing a video chat API.

Businesses can host the video chat on their servers or utilize cloud servers for a monthly subscription fee or one-time license payment.


Ensure that the video chat SDK can offer low latency to minimize data usage and make your app work fast. It should also have its turn server so the call can be appropriately routed and not consume too much bandwidth. It should also provide end-to-end encryption to protect users’ privacy and prevent hackers from accessing their personal information.

Reduced development time

Using a video chat SDK can save your team significant time since they will not have to write the code themselves. They can focus on other essential features and functionality for their application.

Faster time to market

Adding a video calling feature to a chat app can dramatically cut development and launch time. It is because you can use the ready-made technology already built for you. It also eliminates the need to develop and manage your servers, cutting infrastructure costs.

Increased user engagement

The video calling feature in your chat app can make it more appealing and exciting for your users. You can add group and one-to-one video calls, a whiteboard for brainstorming, file sharing, online presence indicators, and many more options to boost engagement. Moreover, the video chat tool can have multilanguage support to cater to the needs of international audiences. It can also mute the video, blur the faces, and change the background, making the experience more convenient for everyone involved.


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